Friday, December 3, 2010


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  2. It would have been funny if no one had replied to Mike’s joke.

  3. Haha. Agreed!

  4. Then he would have just been knocking on himself; his dad would have had to post a message asking him to stop that.

  5. Shorty, that kind of thing happens on the streets of Bangkok all the time.

  6. I thought the knock knock joke was hilarious. I want to steal it but that would be lame.

    Hah, lame.

  7. We have to stop meeting this way, Lulz. Haha.

  8. i wonder if this has happened to “shorty”

  9. Omg. That knock knock joke was the best thing I’ve seen in awhile.

  10. Richard, it’s alright, they have latex free now.
    I suppose Mike’s was a Grammar Nazi joke. Pretty original.
    Shorty, you don’t have to worry much, anyways.

    @wordperv win.

  11. this site is so funny thank god for twitter!

  12. My bonar encapsulates the good, the bad, and the ugly. But ultimately, it’s just like Tuco, ineffectual, and hanging limp at the end.

  13. These were pretty good! #1 had me ROTFL. #2 seems like something my sister (a Linguistics major slash grammar nazi) would set up. #3 was one I actually haven’t heard before! *thumbs up*

  14. I actually liked these. So, good one Lamebook!

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