Friday, December 3, 2010

Folk This

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  1. Trechory?

  2. Heaven forbid either of my parents ever see me naked…

  3. “My wives bras?” Paul has more than one wife?

  4. His “wives bras”? Well no wonder he doesn’t know how old his kids are, how many wives has he got?

  5. Damn you Geek. The pause to login thwarted me. You shall pay for this trechory!

  6. I would like to visit this “Boobie House”.

  7. I had the delay of registering for an account just to make this comment, only to beat you by seconds, manybellsdown.

  8. What that lady doesn’t realize is that baby’s “big dick” is literally a baby’s arm with a fist at the end.

  9. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Someone should tell Jessica not to get her incestuous hopes up, that’s just his umbilical cord in the ultrasound not his dick.

  10. Angela S, first instincts are always right

  11. “Boobie House” sounds like something you rent for an adult male’s birthday party. Your rental fee would have to be paid in singles – unless you went to the VIP of course.

  12. VIP rooms … good times. Years ago I was in the Blackhawk ‘caressing’ this stripper. Being a ‘gentleman’ I asked if this was alright. She replied “I don’t mind, but they might” I looked over at the door to see 2 uniformed cops … imagine, a witty stripper.

  13. mass, sometimes, I just don’t know what to think about you…

  14. @#3 & 4 – must be fate 🙂

  15. boobie house…awesome.
    Too bad he doesn’t know how old his kid is tho.

  16. @curlybap Really? You think some white trash whore wouldn’t put that up??

  17. Michael sounds exactly like Todd from Code Monkeys; with his strange obsession and creepily close bond with his mother and he also spoke like that to boot.

    Jessica, OMgoodness, he’s going to make some ladies happy, especially you and daddy, you sick fuck. Cool for noticing.

    Damnit, Paul.

  18. My mom had a boobie house, but the foundation gave way and now it’s more of a bobbie hovel. What do you expect living next to the world’s biggest sinkhole?

  19. word, as long as you think about me, that’s all that matters. <3

  20. I don’t normally call fakesies but #1…. well, one, what mom would say that on FACEBOOK even if she really meant it? and two, the font is all totally wrong. Not FB font at all. Perhaps there is a reason I’m not aware of that it would be that way but I can’t imagine what. :/

    #2 I’m totally not surprised by this status for some reason.

    #3 While the status itself was funny (sounds like something my daughter might come up with), Paul fails HARD. Loser.

  21. How can a fetus have a big dick? I thin she saw a finger or toe and assumed it was a penis. Or the umbilical cord. Silly woman

  22. That’s nothing my three year old daughter calls my wife’s knickers ‘Pussy Palaces’…

    nah, i’m joking… she’s only two.

  23. If that first one is real, i’d be surprised if he DIDN’T turn into a psycho, imagine getting shit like that from your mum on a daily basis? Personally, fuck that. I wouldn’t put up with that abuse either…(see what i did there?)

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