Thursday, November 5, 2009

Healthy Relationshits




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  1. first!

  2. Pertaining to the first one…I’m lost. Is she reaming herself out? Pissed at her baby’s daddy? Or just advertising her philandering ways to the world, via Facebook?

  3. her account got hacked i would say …

    Cudos to James though , nice one mate πŸ™‚

  4. @christi

    ..I think her “baby’s dad” has hacked into her account – not sure if the second comment is him as well though

  5. I can tell that Aaron is upset…

  6. Nah, I think she’s left her account on and respective dad has been snooping around it?

    Also what is with this first thing? I think that’s far lamer.

  7. I think someone got a hold of her facebook and wrote that πŸ™‚ Apparantly she tells their baby’s father they are still together and swore on her kids life, that she wasn’t talking (flirting?) with any guys on facebook and he (I’m guessing the author)found out that was a lie because she has indeed been talking to this ‘nick P’ character and inviting him over for some ‘in front of the bairns’ sexy times. The baby’s father then exacted his marvelously calculated and mature revenge, via FB profile nicking, totally *not obvious* impersonating and fake doubting the legitimacy of their offspring.
    As for the middle one, well she just wants her hymen back.

  8. sometimes i wonder how so many people can have such a humungous lack of pride

  9. hahahahaha. laverhundar that was great.

  10. leverhundar*

  11. @father sha
    who’s James?

  12. Anna: Do the mature thing and sue him! I’ll take the case.

  13. Cheating on me… that’s a paddlin.

  14. james the Cheating virginity stealing ex boyfriend πŸ™‚

  15. mmm i put cheating with a capital C by mistake … oh and James without a capital J

    i apologize to the grammar police

  16. AG – Classic Simpsons! Thanks for the laugh this morning! =)

  17. Is Taylor the ex-girlfriend in question? Why else would she ‘like’ it?

  18. The saddest part is that these people fuck like rabbits and will have far more kids than the responsible part of our population…but I guess that’s why God invented beer and telephone polls.

  19. @hitme

    Taylor just enjoys the fact that Anna is finally single. She (yes, Taylor is a girl) plans on “being there” for her and getting drunk with Anna and then making comments like “you should switch to women, guys are jerks” and “you’re amazing Anna, if I had a girl like you, I’d treat you right” and “your tits, my mouth”.

    She’s hoping that one thing will lead to another and they’ll end up as scissor sisters for the night, wiggling and giggling until Aunt Rose walks in. Aunt Rose won’t put up with any of that shit, though. She’ll kick Taylor out so fast that she won’t even have time to put on her clothes. She’ll be left crying in the yard, pulling up her grass stained panties while Aunt Rose is inside beating Anna’s ass with her belt.

    Hmmm, You’re right hitmewithyourrhythmvic, I also don’t know why Taylor would “like” this status… why is she looking forward to that situation? That’s pretty messed up.

  20. Soulja Boy Tell 'Em

    The last one made me laugh.

  21. YEAH me too, I was all like LOL@U

  22. man mcwoles that one made me spill my coffee and get angry looks from my boss

  23. I can tell Anna is a fatty even with the pixels.

  24. Wow, Reggie…classy.

    mcowles…I would like to buy you a drink for that contribution. Hilarious!

  25. thats phat with a f

    moosegeek, fat much?

  26. The Carla here isn’t the Carla our Andy from the other post professed his love for,is it? Cause if it is, then she is a real bitch and he doesn’t need her anyway.

  27. Wow. More class.

    No, I’m not fat. I just don’t like assholes.

  28. @moosegeek

    I’ll take a whiskey sour… that’s a manly drink, right?


  29. Anna makes it sound as though her virginity is something actually within James’s power to return, and he’s just being mean and witholding it at his place, along with her favourite g-string and season 3 DVD of “The Hills.”

  30. Lesson to Carla – FFS LOG OUT OF FACEBOOK!

    As for Anna – I have an ex who likes to text/msn me and say the same kind of stuff. I often feel like informing his girlfriend because it fucking sucks (by the way, despite yesterday’s flips’ family reunion where everybody presumed I’m a guy, I’m actually a girl). Not so sure if I’d be posting it on a status if I was the one on the receiving end though. But, each to their own.

  31. The good news is, you can (kind of) get your virginity back. You can undergo a minor surgery to have your hymen put back in place. If you are in the UK and you are about to marry a man who expects you to be a virgin on religious grounds, NHS will will even pay for it. It’s actually a pretty common procedure for UK muslim girls now.

  32. @ just saying
    … that is so dumb, girls can break their hymen from playing excessive sport. I know i am not religous so don’t understand the pressure but come on! Who would? PLus i mean, having a hymen doesn’t really make someone a virgin. Some people are weird.

  33. I agree, it is fucking ridiculous. But the fact is, the surgery exists and public healthcare in the UK will pay for it under certain circumstances. To answer your question of β€œWho would?”, apparently quite a lot of young british muslims would.

    I just tried to paste some links, but my comment got sent to moderation, but you can just wiki “hymenorrhaphy” if you want to know more.

  34. @ mccowles – thank you for clearing that up. And for making me laugh.

  35. Just sayin’ @ #31 …WHAT?! That is seriously, I mean, WHAT?!
    *no words*’
    Γ„nd public healthcare wastes money on this shit? Another reason why I hate religion.

  36. mcowles – whiskey sour it is. I’m having a Jag and a beer…TGIF!

  37. @31

    It sounds like premarital sex is a pretty common thing for UK muslim girls also… which I’m fine with, haha.


    Hmmm, I haven’t had Jagermeister in forever. I’ll take one of those instead, with a beer to wash it down, of course.

  38. good luck to anna on her quest to get her cherry back…

  39. good luck to me on my request to get those 30 seconds of my life back after reading those stupid posts.

  40. Carla shouldn’t be allowed to breed. Ever. Dumb bitch indeed!

  41. God that Anna is a crazy bitch. Why does she feel like she can control her boyfriends life? I literally do all of those things with an ex of mine, there is nothing wrong with it.

  42. Even about having sex? “Hey babe, just catchin up, remember sex?” There’s something wrong with that.

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