Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Twilight Saga: The Mourning After


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  1. I just laughed out loud.
    Thank you Lamebook, for cheering me up after a tedious day of studying.

  2. Freakin’ hilarious. Sean needs an award for this. Brilliant.

  3. Sean made my day.
    Pure genius.
    Marry me ?

  4. Erin, not that I’ve ever taken a stripper home, but holy crap you’re a complete and total bitch.

  5. James is a squaky little gay boy! x x

  6. Zing!

  7. thanks for making me laugh Ish , i ll keep the moral of this sorty in mind

    btw Erin , get over your stuck up self now won’t ya

  8. Thesaurapist 13(F)


    Well said. Came here for the funnies: stayed for the philosophy and theology lectures? No, did I fuck . . .

    Also, these links out to are getting a little tired too. People, there’s absolutely no shortage of amateur pr0n freely available online, almost none of which requires you to persuade random strangers to click your link before you get to see it. Fucking peasants.

    Erin, you’re my kind of girl – meet me at Hooters, and I’ll let you buy me a drink.

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  10. @ Ish, chicks have adams apples, they just don’t stick out. How tall is too tall? 183cm? (six oneish?) I’m asking from personal experience x) Some tall chicks are hot. I think its more that you should look out for pokey-outy adams apple, the deep voice, the man hands, if ‘she’ tends to wear 3inch colourful false eyelashes and really short pvc skirts while singing ‘I will survive’ in the corner of your lounge room. They are ‘signals’ to look out for. OH and if she has a penis.

    Seriously. If you’re a guy and you’re attracted to penis, you’re gay. Same with girls attracted to vaginas, gay.

  11. not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  12. @father sha
    Standards are a precious thing- is your gf a hooker?

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  14. hehe Erin, not making the distinction between hookers and strippers (dancers) just makes it even more obvious that you are a judgemental, stuck up … (feel free to fill in the dots yourself)

    But hey , all is well – you can have all the standards you want
    and judge people all day long, i just felt it a bit harsh to hypothetically divorce a man that you probably love because he went out with a Stripper. Some people need to do stuff to get around. Just because she dances gogo that don’t make her a ho … Silly rhyme from a silly wyclef song

    enjoy your life

    Much love !

  15. That’s faaaaacking hilarious beyond belief.

  16. That’s HILARIOUS, OMG hahahahahahahaha

  17. bahahahaha ahhh brilliant!! fuckin epic!!

  18. Awesomeness!


  20. Waaaaaaa now that’s funny!!! lol

  21. That was so hilarious and I cannot stop laughing. Zach the douchebag basically set himself up for that.


    Twilight jokes are SO hilarious.

  23. hahahahaha
    twighlites soo gay.

  24. Fucking hilarious…. Win!

  25. This is by far the funniest lame book entry 🙂 CLASSIC!

  26. this is hilarious (excuse the spelling) by far the funniest thing i have read today

  27. pvc cards

  28. lol soooooo funny!!

  29. Hahahaha thats so great

  30. lmao at this!

  31. Too funny, made my day! Has the ‘dancer’ seen this yet?

  32. perfect comment.

  33. wonders how you could reference sleeping with a werewolf….would there just be shit tons of hair and claw marks on you? I’ll stick to the vampire if that was the case.

  34. The vampire in twilight glitters and bites. The werewolf has nothing to do with this reference.


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