Monday, January 11, 2010



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    YA MOTHER !!!

  2. “taping up pussy in the hood yagetme” … whaaaat? Seriously.. what does it mean!?!? lol. Nice picture, love the detail in the walls.

  3. I read it as “Tapping up pussy in the hood, ya get me?”

    Which can be translated as “Wooing the ladies in my locality, do you understand?”

    Unless he really did mean “taping”, in which case he has some sort of sellotape bondage fetish. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it would seem incongruous.

  4. @alas. HA HA HA HA, your comment just made my day. +10 thank you!

  5. Mark your calendar as I am about to, for once, disagree with mccowles.

    The prankster made his point, had fun doing it, and nothing he did is legally prosecutable. He has committed no vandalism, no property destruction, nothing. And yet I bet his victim suffers a moment or two of humiliation while taking the required seconds to knock down the icewalls and knock the giant snowmember from the top of his car. During those seconds he will be wondering how long his car spent with a HUGE swollen snowpenis on it and just how many of his neighbors have seen it.

    Point made.

  6. my first thought was, ‘awww Alison Lapper’s head has fallen off’

  7. “It’s just a shiny dick with two chairs in it.” (Martin Lawrence, Bad Boys)

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