Monday, January 11, 2010




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  1. Indeed…

  2. Not much of a package

  3. I’d second MM’s comment, but I can’t find the ellipses button.

  4. This post made me feel dumb. What a HORRIBLE website. Kidding, of course.

  5. Ick, I wonder how Lorne feels about that. He certainly sounds like a very “open” guy.

  6. Oh Constánce *facepalm*

  7. Psst. You blurred out a wax figure. That Supman is at Madame Tussaud’s in NYC.

  8. Haha. Fucking idiot… ” I can’t find the times button..” Wow.

  9. Supman. Great.

  10. pfff… Wow. That’s worse than the pacman pancake post… Geez, some people.

  11. …was this girl drunk?

  12. What’s really lame is that LB blurred out the face of Spiderman. Everyone already knows who Peter Parker is.

  13. @DaveWithDave

    thats uhh, Superman there buddy.

    I’m sure LB did that as a joke anyway.

  14. @kickapoo

    before everyone attacks… DaysWithDave was almost definitely being sarcastic. However, I forgive you… unless you’re being sarcastic also, in which case, I hope someone will forgive me.

  15. Well, it is awfully hard to tell what superhero that is, what with the eyes blurred out and everything. Is it Spider-Man? Is it Superman? Now we know how Lois Lane was so easily fooled.

  16. I love chicks like Gabriella, she might not be the brightest crayon in the box, but i bet her head game is amazing.

  17. Superman has a wheelchair, so it must be spiderman. Or the lone ranger.

  18. Clarke? Is statue?

  19. eh… eks 10. So there.

  20. I think they modeled Lois after Constánce in this video:

  21. I forgive you

  22. #2 ftw.

  23. um. #3.

  24. @Squidproquo

    Lorne is a town.

  25. I like how Superman’s face is blurred. Well played, lambook, well played.

  26. hey gabriella, the times button is to the right of the “snoring” button….

  27. I’m pretty sure Constance is from South Africa. Maart is the Afrikaans translation of March…


    And also for dutch…

  29. ROFLMFAO….. kickapoo is frodo

  30. Specialman!!

  31. omg it really is specialman!

  32. Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

    No it’s some fucking moronic half wit blonde hanging onto a glorified candle. (like superman this joke just doesn’t have the legs)

  33. O dear, I think Constánce might be Dutch. But I actually hope she´s Belgian.

  34. I hope Constánce is from the Netherlands. In Belgium, we know the difference between Superman and Spiderman

  35. DGMR , In Belgium we sure do know the difference. But maybe our fellow countrymen might not

    Lets hope she is Dutch after all

  36. Nope she’s Afrikaans. Easily findable.

  37. #35 en 36, couldn’t agree more 😉

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