Monday, January 11, 2010

Shining Star


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  1. He sounds like a catch…

  2. i dunno anyone who boasts about their job so much…except me maybe =p

  3. Well I envy him.

  4. Yeah it seems to be his whole identity.
    Big dick, big ego, small brain, empty vessel.

  5. Yeah, dude cause we all know that Porn is all about a WOMAN’s pleasure, lol

  6. Life lesson for you folks: If a guy walks around telling people he has a big dick, chances are he doesn’t. Just like that kid we all knew in high school who went around telling people that he was dating a supermodel, but didn’t have any pictures of them together.

  7. “The only way 2 love life is 2 live life.”

    4 sure.

  8. And why would one brag about making poof-porn? Even the very thought of Man on Man porn makes Zippo ill.

    PS: Yes I know he didn’t mention Man on Man porn,but come on, who writes this shit FFS ? Poo jammers, that’s who.

  9. Ugh, what kind of person lists 2 1/2 Men as their favorite show? AND spells it wrong?

  10. Nerdy Nerdenstein

    2.5 Men….not the CBS tv show.

  11. i think he starred in 2.5 men

  12. ughh i hate it when people write their own quotes

  13. I bet he works in the porn industry alright.. a Fluffer..

  14. 33 years old and still writes like a retard? Good grief.

    Can the person who submitted this confirm or deny whether or not he is actually a porn star?

  15. Spank? is that a magazine?

  16. Allowing the creep down the street to make dirty videos of you in his basement does not make you a “porn star”

  17. ’76? Isn’t he a bit old for porn??

  18. @belle83773:I wouldn’t know this from personal experience but my guess is that gay men tend to age more gracefully, especially ones who can’t spell and tend to use numbers in place of words.

  19. There are 76 year old “porn stars”, so being born IN ’76 doesn’t make him not able to be a porn star.

    Btw, was his “long story not so short” a way of saying that he has a big penis? His “story” was like two sentences, so it was obviously short… so I’m thinking he put a pun in there and didn’t say “not intended”.

    If that’s the case, then he gets one bonus point, bringing him to a grand total of…. 1, on the How Worthwhile is This Human’s Life scale.

  20. Don’t get me wrong – I was also born in ’76, it’s just usually, up and coming porn stars are young bucks… oh well – power to him for.. that.

  21. He can’t be that impressive, he is single.

  22. i’m with katharine.

    also, it’s such a disgrace that his favorite band is the beatles.

  23. @Lizzle, that is exactly what I was thinking, he still types like a preteen and he’s in his thirties… good thing he has his amazing job to get him ahead in life, since it looks like his brains aren’t gonna help much.

  24. “2.5 Men” made me giggle. This guy has serious ego problems and is probably lying his ass off.

    @Zippo congratulations on being so concisely offensive. You manged to fit “poof” and “poo jammers” into such a short comment.

  25. @Ukstudent You do realize 2.5 Men is under tv shows? As in “two and a half men”. It’s a show here in the states. He’s not comparing his size to 2.5 men. 😛

  26. of course I do, but 2.5 Men made me giggle, not being the name of the show.

  27. Goog for him.. I guess

  28. Here is a list of the films this guy has starred in:

    Lord of The Rings
    Saving Ryans Privates
    Brokebum Mountain
    Bum & Bummer (1 & 2)

    I make money from my dick too, It’s a stand in extra on Eastenders and Emmerdale Farm and has appeared on Antiques Roadshow as guest expert.

  29. he reminds me of the todd from scubbs who in the end is gay @Imamofo you forgot -throbin hood men in tights. I think he was in that

  30. oh and butt pirates of the carribean 1,2,3

  31. Who care’s if he is a cock-shiner, his political views are “legalize it”…and he lives in Minnasota! I just can’t help but love him…”I never thought I could make so much money from my dick, don’t ya know?”

  32. The idiot’s head got hunted by a stripper

  33. 2.5 Men and CSI Miami mean this guy has to die.

    Also, porno mags aren’t books. Not that they’re not worth loving, but they aren’t books.

  34. All his favorite “books” are porn mags, and I’m sure he “reads them for the articles.”

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