Monday, January 11, 2010

What a Dickhead


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  1. Last

    Why would you let someone do this to you?!?!

  2. @1,

    I’m sure he just had some friends help him shave his head. That’s not uncommon at all.

  3. My mohawk went a bit like that the first time I did it. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to shave straight lines into you head.

  4. why the hell is there a bite mark missing?!?!

  5. I think that’s supposed to be the helmet. HTH.

  6. I have a feeling that this was either “we’re shaving your head, let’s shave a penis into your head, take a picture, then finish shaving it” or a “you pass out on my couch, I shave your head and/or draw on your face with a marker!”

    Either way… your cock is crooked.

  7. Dickhead.
    (that is all)

  8. ThinkingInPictures

    You know, if Cassie didn’t want him to realize that they did this to him, they shoulda left it on the back, not right in front where it’s totally visible anytime you look in the mirror.

  9. They forgot the jizz…

    . * – C====3

  10. this is epic, if that was me id kill myself

  11. Not only is it a cock on his head … it’s a black cock. LOL.

  12. I don’t think he can quite carry off the mowcock… but mccowles is definitely right, they finished shaving it afterward.

  13. hahaha mo-cock, nice one

  14. Pretty sure @mccowles hit the nail, er on the head.

  15. I don’t get what Cassie means

  16. that looks like one of those russian hats

  17. That is amazingg

  18. @wordpervert

    She’s saying “if only he hadn’t realized that someone shaved a cock onto his head, then he’d walk around like that all day and everyone else would see it and call him a dickhead and he wouldn’t know why. Then he would go home and see it in the mirror and say “ohhhhhhh” and then realize that he punched that kid in the face for no reason and feel really bad. He’ll apologize for it and send him some cookies, but then everyone will call him “gay” for baking cookies and he’ll end up cutting himself to take away the stress from the day. He’ll end up cutting too deeply just once and be rushed to the emergency room and end up in therapy for 10 years because of his “suicide attempt”, when that’s not really what it was at all.”

    Damn you Cassie, you bitch, why would you want all that to happen????

  19. @mcowles — Genius.

  20. @ #8 – WOW! That is totally what they should’ve done. None of my friends should ever ask me to shake their head. I’m a ruthless bastard.

  21. @ 18

    Thanks, got it now haha

  22. @20
    Haha i just imagined u shakin all your friends heads xD…lol

  23. Why has this man had an upside down microphone shaved onto his head?

    Does he love singing so much? He should go on X-Factor then, the dickhead.

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