Monday, January 11, 2010

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  1. So this is irony and hypocrisy combined.

  2. That last one is gold.

  3. Ok rael, I’m not usually one to carry the grammar nazi badge…but come on. “See’s”? Really?

  4. Just saw one similar to these on my friends profile
    [Name witheld to protect the lame] became a fan of “where’s mum?” .. “she’s run off with a black man” .. really:O?! and Hate it when you read something you dont want to know, and your heart sinks.

  5. If Nita had taken her own advice and sucked rather than fucked she wouldn’t be carrying that wasterels bun around in her oven. Stop moaning you bun baking bitch!

    James is a wanker.

  6. What wanker makes up these stupid fan sites in the first place?

  7. who the hell names their son dale

  8. @7: A NASCAR fan.

  9. @7: A fan of supermarket sweep?
    Next time you’re at the checkout and you hear the beep

  10. The last one is just…. Lame.

  11. Nita needs to go have an abortion and tie her tubes, because her dumb ass should NOT be breeding.

  12. I am confused. Did Nita become a fan of “A relationship should be between two people and not the whole world” before or after she gave us an eyeful of TMI about her own relationship?

  13. @kaysar

    Think of the fun you could have on Supermarket Sweep!

    5 hams + 5 diapers + WHY IS THIS COFFEE GRINDER GOING SO SLOWLY???? = amazing television.

    Shop til’ you Drop…. ok, I’m done now.

  14. @7 — A fan of a certain set of chipmunks.

    Last one is the best by far.

  15. I know Nita! She is a FB friend.

  16. I know Nita too! And by “know” I mean “have posted things from her page to STFU, Believers.”

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