Thursday, May 12, 2011


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  1. first ? me?!?

  2. Wow that guy has like.. $9! Ballin!

  3. and “the king”‘s receding hairline and skinny arms are sooo scary… I do believe he is the wickedest of wickeds

  4. Kyle’s a lucky man.

  5. No matter how rubbish lamebook gets, these never fail to make me laugh.

  6. I am very jealous of Marissa’s triangle titties and mid-’90’s goth fashion sense. OH HOW I RUE THAT FATEFUL DAY IN 2002 WHEN I THREW OUT MY STUDDED BELT!

  7. CommentsAtLarge

    Good God, another Juggalo…

  8. “jugallo 4 life” until I grow up and realise how pathetic I am and regret this tattoo because I will never be able to afford laser removal.
    Marissa looks like she’s kickin it old school, degrassi junior high styles.

  9. God, I hate juggalos.

  10. DAMN PLAYA! He gotz about $15!!! Gonna go get a fodee!

  11. Is there any sadder sight than a balding, middle-aged juggalo?

    I hope his mad Photoshop skillz allow him to earn enough to keep up with the rent payments to his parents…

  12. It’s not nice implying someone used photoshop when we all know they used MS Paint. Don’t lie to us lamebook! And I’m now stuck wondering what won out in the self made vs. badass fight in the second one. Seeing as $14 isn’t really that much to brag about being “self made” and it’s pretty far from badass.

  13. ifitwerentformyhorse

    1. I didn’t know there were juggalos old enough to be balding.
    2. What the hell does that say on the bottom left?
    3. That 90s middle school goth look? I don’t think “sexy” is the word you’re looking for.

  14. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @blondebimbo – I dunno, those are some pretty baddass dollas. All wrinkled and shit.

  15. Nice Flemish bond pattern brickwork in the background of pic #3. An attractive layout, but it is not a cavity wall, which leads to increased heating bills and damp issues.

  16. A vending machine wouldn’t even take those dollars.

  17. Dear Marissa Bitches:

    If you’re the only one calling you a sexy bitch, then it isn’t true. Kyle is only holding onto you until he can get with several of your hot friends.

  18. @ifitwerentformyhorse yeah, they get like that when they’ve been between a stripers ass crack all night. Literal bad ass maybe?

  19. So, just sayin, I’d tap that, triangle titties and all. They’re big and that’s what matters. I wouldn’t buy her dinner but I’d stick it to her.

  20. Oh Look guys! He has a $5 bill too!

  21. I hate people who do this -_- … I once deleted someone simply because they uploaded one of these photoshopped things

    It is not acceptable for anyone over the age of 13.

  22. #1 He’s cut off his own elbows. As if the rest of it isn’t bad enough, he’s cut off his elbows and some of his arms in photoshop.
    #2 Love how the money that he photoshopped into his hands is still floating above his head.
    #3 Her punctuation and lack of capitalization is killing me.

  23. #13, what it says on the bottom left is unclear because it’s partially cut off, but I will hazard a guess:

    Self-made boy man(?)
    These niggas ain’t shit
    Fucking with me

  24. ifitwerentformyhorse

    In regards to Marissa Bitches’s self-description of sexy: You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

  25. Losers=Lolz

  26. Was that Suroor? 😉

  27. Oh man he is so bad ass he is going to buy himself a snickers bar and a big red with all them dollaz..hellz ya! Pay Day biznitches!

    You say you’d stick it to Marissa because of those big ole tatas but you gotta know that is a push up bra with some extra padding. I having a feeling you will only be disappointed even further.

  28. @Twitnit no that can’t be Suroor because there are no kittens or frightened children in the pics. Plus Suroor would NEVER photoshop his amazing biceps!

  29. I am so jealous of Marissa’s stringy hair and bad wardrobe.

  30. Takes a special kind of loser to post pics like this.

  31. lol @ “whoop whoop”.

  32. We have a Hawkbit and a Hazl in the same comment thread. Lamebook has been invaded by bunnies.

  33. I love how Marissa refers to herself as “Kyle ___ ________’s Property.” You just know that when they break up (probably due to him fucking a Dairy Queen waitress behind a Citgo) she’ll do everything in her power to bash him and insult him. DO NOT BETRAY YOUR MASTER, HAG-BEAST.

  34. @Vancouver

    Your ability to see in to the (probable) future amazes me!

  35. doctorchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I probably would fuck the girl in that last picture. But I’d make sure it was as degrading and humiliating for her as possible and I’d force her to look me in the eye so that she could see the disgust and loathing on my face. Then when I’d completed my business I’d zip up and be on my way.

  36. doctorchalk: Ewww. Get some therapy. You have a problem, That’s the same kind of impulse rapists and serial killers have. Again — ewwwwww.

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