Friday, July 1, 2011

Raised to Blaze

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  1. vaginalroundhouse

    I hope Ryan gave his grandmother a hit or two before she kicked the bucket

  2. Or a vaginal roundhouse Chuck Norris style maybe?

  3. PraetorianXVIII

    my God people are trashy

  4. what a bunch of assholes. Hope grandma haunts them (like really haunts them, recruits some of those demons you see on ghost shows that chuck stuff at them and cause bodily harm). Apples don’t fall far from the tree and even dying people can be dicks so i bet she’s up for it.

  5. Bunch of assholes is right.

  6. What the hell did the camera man say before he took the picture?

    “Alright everyone, say granny’s dead”

    “LOLOL” *snaps pic*

    These folks are like school on sunday. No class.

  7. He said she was “dieing”, not dead, folks. This is probably the last photo they’ll have with her. Why does that make them assholes? They cared enough to place her in what appears to be a hospice for her last days. Posting the pic on Facebook and pointing out the obvious? Awkward, but not really Lamebook material IMHO.

    If you want to see a bunch of 19th century “assholes”, try typing “post-mortem photos” into Google. Those folks really ARE dead, but back then it made sense with photography still a new, expensive technology.

  8. I have to agree that I’m not seeing the trashiness or assholishness here. While they are not the most attractive family ever, they do appear to be a decent and loving family. Other than for Ryan’s comment about being stoned at the time (but whatever gets you through the grief, buddy), this is quite respectful.

  9. doctorchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I don’t think it’s necessarily trashy or assholish, but the juxtaposition of the smiling happy faces casually surrounding the dying woman in the bed is still a bit jarring to look at.

  10. Which one is Ryan? They all look stoned to me.

  11. #8 i dont think that ryan had any grief, that’s the reason its on lamebook dumbass. and im guessing ryan is the 2nd one to the left. (oh well, my grannie’s dying, but hey im ripped niggaz!)

  12. He is a douche because in most cultures it’s inappropriate to be high when you visit your dying grandmother. Unless you’re Rastafarian.

  13. I know Ryan is the reason this is on Lamebook, sloppysquirrel. Yes, he’s a dickhead, and I was (half) joking about him, but I was talking more about how I see this picture. I don’t see trashy assholes. The old lady has what appears to be a caring family around her in her last hours, which is way more than what many dying people have.

    The fact that they are all smiling may seem a little odd to some, but maybe they didn’t want their last picture with her to be a sad one. Or maybe I’m completely wrong, and they’re all happy that she’s finally checking out because she’s a nasty old crone who gave them all a life of misery. Or maybe she’s rich, and they’re happy because they’re about to inherit her money so they can go get those extreme makeovers that most of them need. Or maybe they’re all happy because they’re all baked. You could be onto something there, ahat.

    Enjoy your holiday weekend, American Lamebookers. Some of us elsewhere bastards still have to work.

  14. My son died when he was born. We took pictures with him. Even though it was hard, I still needed a picture with him in it and me smiling. I look back on that picture and I smile, I don’t cry. Smiles don’t always mean happiness.

  15. I take that back. In my picture you can see SORROW in my face and smile. Theses people are grinning from ear ro ear. Whatever. Not my fam, not my concern.

  16. I take that back. In my picture you can see SORROW in my face and smile. Theses people are grinning from ear ro ear. Whatever. Not my fam, not my concern……..

  17. Everyone is smiling other than Grandpa. He’s trying, but resignation is all he can muster. The love of his life is dying, and his kid’s crotch goblins think it’s a party. This is his legacy.

  18. i’ve got a different theory on why grandpa isn’t smiling. they just euthanized grandma, now he’s the only thing standing between them and their inheritance.

  19. The one on the right is bang tidy. (=fit)
    Is that insensitive? Oh well.

  20. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    paddle faster, I hear banjos!

  21. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @n1kk1a, I was really tempted to write a comment. Out of respect for your death baby, I won’t but. However, please note that Grandma wasn’t death when the picture was taken.

  22. If you look all the way to the right, the grinning asshole is wearing one of these:
    The only proper thing to wear when visiting a “dieing” granny!

  23. @stomabeutel v1.1
    The grandma isn’t “death,” nor is she “dead.” Please understand that “death” and “dead” cannot be used synonymously.

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