Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The submitter linked us to this video as a reference for David…

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  1. I’m gonna give mad props to that reporter for not laughing at any point through the presentation. I was laughing the whole way through. Also : “I don’t believe anyone is completely human, I think we all have something mixed in”. Ah, deep, deep words. I just wish I could get my hands on some of his poetry. I bet it’s incredibly profound.

    What a tosser.

  2. Avenged Sevenfold? REALLY NOW? “No, we’re not posers.”
    I’ll just bet they WERE(caps for emphasis) inspired by the Twilight series. Hardly anyone gave 2 shits about vampires or werewolves(besides a few million, although anyone who claims liking anything before it gets big these days gets called a liar) before the whole Twilight “phenomena”.
    Wow, these kids are out of control. They’re going to fuck some shit up. Go on a mass, mass murder or something. Damn.

  3. Yeah why the hell are they torturing dogs? That’s terrible. Watch over your fucking kids and teach them to respect living beings!

    They’re just goth kids with tails. It’s nothing new. They are trying to be “unique” yet they all look about the same.


    Goth 2.0: whinier and stupider than the original

  5. Its a full moon tonight, do you know where YOUR kids are?

    haha this shits rediculous. brings tears to my eyes.

  6. Boys becoming men,
    Men becoming wolves!
    Spooky, scary
    Werewolf bar mitzvah!

  7. The only Teen Wolf is and forever will be MICHAEL J. FOX!

  8. I can not FUCKING believe that this is going on at my old high school. Absolutely SPEECHLESS!!

  9. This is ridiculous. I thought the Vampires and emos were bad……

  10. These kids are wearing TAILS. And fangs. And calling themselves a pack. And killing neighborhood dogs (isn’t that Mike Meyer’s career get started?). Everything else is fine. Not a single one of them has any individuality, but hey if dressing like that makes them happy, whatever. But if you’re going to deliberately flout convention stop being a bitch and don’t cry when you get made fun of. You bring it on yourself. Yea kids are mean and make fun of anyone who is different. It’s sad but true. I’m just sick of the kids who dress like that and then cry about getting made fun od and how no one “understands” or likes them. Newsflash: YOU’RE IRRITATING.

  11. hahahahaha it’s like a male version of Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way came to life in male form with a group of clones to match omg now way!!

    seriously…you kids need a good kick in the twat!

  12. Shit the Bed, furries are everywhere.

    I guess this is another group of kids to add to my list of
    “People with Uncles they’d rather forget.”

  13. I’m part penguin.

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