Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Put the Fun in Funeral

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  1. @chewbacca
    I’m dillin’

  2. The correct way to deal with the Wii games situation is to ask the parents if you can hang out in the dead kid’s room for a while to “mourn”. Insist on being left alone because you don’t feel comfortable crying in front of other people. Once they leave you alone in his room, you can take the Wii games and whatever else you might want. It’s a good idea to plan ahead and put a box right outside his window so you can just throw things out the window and retrieve the box later. Otherwise, you’re going to be limited to what you can sneak past his parents on the way out.

    This is just basic common sense, people.

  3. @ Sensible Madness: Good plan, and indeed common sense, but is there not a chance that his/her parents might notice the games and other stuff flying past their kitchen/sitting room window into a cardboard box?

    I love your blog, by the way. Never knew that God got up to so much ass-kicking.

  4. I agree that Sam is dealing with it in his own way. Though he should ask that question in a week or two.

    I had one of my best friends die about three years ago. He always told me,(When I die, Crack as many joke you can about me and let it be no holds barred.” I did exactly that. I told everybody what I just told you and then I let him have it. The whole place erupted in laughter the whole way through and a few other people joined in. It may sound weird but it was one of the best funerals I had ever been to.

    We later honored his second wish and had one hell of a time at the bar.

    May you Rest In Peace Eric Droste. I love you brother and you are not missed for you are always with me. <3 😀

  5. It was just like a roast. It really couldn’t of went down any better:)

  6. The colour one doesn’t really seem that odd to me. Not many people wear black to funerals anymore. As long as you wear something nice, you’re good.

    Actually, back in high school, this one kid got into an accident, and everyone at his funeral was requested to wear burnt orange. Hey, it’s an awful colour but it was his favourite, representing his favourite team.

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