Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just Word Playin’

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  1. That someone is genuinely called “Avacado” – which isn’t even spelt correctly – is beyond my realm of belief.

  2. Like someone named Avacardo should fucking talk. Seriously.

    Imagine calling that name out in bed.

  3. Ahh, a bunch of puns that’re actually funny for once.

  4. Wordymyperv

    The name would be crap to call out, but the thought of begging for his guac is pretty funny.

  5. LOL! @4

    These were really funny.

    (I am still imagining Hobo as John Cleese.)

  6. I’m giving Avacado the benefit of the doubt – perhaps it’s a nickname for Ava?

  7. The first one actually made me laugh 🙂

  8. I smiled, Comments.

    Hobo as Cleese? Don’t know about that one…

  9. Thx Maggie!

    Wordy, it was the connection between Hobo and Monty Python – Cleese had a lot of my fav bits on Python so he’s the first to come to mind.

  10. Plus the image of him finishing a rant and walking off ministry-of-silly-walks-style makes me laugh.

  11. Maybe I’m just slow, I don’t understand ‘I Hadith you’…
    And I think Qur’an to Crayon is a bit of a stretch.

  12. at least, “Messiah”, “Lord” and “King” were all spelt conventionally (i.e., correctly).

  13. LMAO at # 2… guacamole, anyone?

  14. You know he has a coconut that he is banging together as he rides off into the sunset.

  15. I originally thought avacado might be sarcastic….I think I was wrong. Her/His/Vegetable’s use of all caps says that it is probably serious…and seriously stupid.

  16. I hate it when people are named after food.

  17. We call our 4 year old “Avacado” all the time. I am guessing her name is Ava.

  18. I think I like the name Mozza. Yep gonna go ahead and admit that.

  19. While I find the irony of someone with the name ‘Avacado’ complaining about bad names, I am sure that is most likely a name of their choosing as opposed to their birth name. My friend’s middle name, according to his fb, is Kitty. He is not a kitty.

  20. sigh. That should be while I find the irony of someone with the name Avacado complaining about bad names HIGHLY AMUSING. Sorry.

  21. @ # 19: it could at least be spelled right?

  22. False alarm everyone! I stalked her and someone called her “nette” as in lynette or antionette.

  23. All were such wins. GJ LB, you bagged us some true funnies.

    Baby, don’t make me Guac all over you once I avocado you enough.

    I put my hand upon yo’ hip, we’ll avo ’til we make dip.

  24. LOL @ “Prophet!”

  25. Avacado made me laugh. Even if they just changed their name to be funny.

    I laughed.

  26. I love avocados. And that is why I love MEG, her green bumpy titties are filled with creamy goodness. Someday, I’ll get the guts to replace those Mexicans who heroically gather those verdant orbs.

  27. I think I just threw up a little soup in my mouth.

  28. Not the first time you’ve had a little soup in your mouth

  29. i’m sure jewish west bank settlers and members of hamas would be highly appreciative of andrew conflating jewish and islamic holy chat.

    i’m fairly sure andy knew the torah was jewish, and he thought ‘i’m stretching it a little, but it’s still fairly well on topic, and it does increase my puns per sentence (pps) count…’ pps count is very important.

    but can someone post this on a palestinian website and see if we can start a flame war, a real one, for a change? i mean, you can’t make a multi-million dollar action film out of soup‘s ejaculate and MEG‘s dry dry tears and fold upon fold of wrinkly, saggy skin. incidentally, that film’s coming out next spring, and it has the lowest production values ever. i don’t think there’s even any lighting…

  30. It’s really astounding how many people actually still have their language set to “pirate”.

  31. @30 arr, it be so.

    alord, this film HAS to be in 3D, would truly be a sight to behold. Title? I propose ‘Dick Soup’, the Marx brothers would be proud.

  32. paranoid, great title.

    if lamebook held a contest to come up with a title for the film, you’d probably come last. which, i’m sure you’ll instantly realise, is me paying you a huge compliment.

  33. “Soup’s Ejaculate” – look for it in an adult video section near you.

  34. Comments _ You can find Soup’s ejaculate on most adult movie covers already. Apparently the carpet in front of his TV is now composed of 70% semen.

  35. @ Old git – I’ll bet Soup’s carpet is really bouncy, but a little crunchy underfoot. Like sand. Or something.

  36. Pseudo, it’s extra crunchy underfoot since he bought that shag carpet. I can’t say I’m liking the burns, but a gal’s gotta pay the bills.

  37. June, I’ll take your word for it. I’ll bet that’s how they make cheese & onion crisps. MmmmMMmm. Apart from the fluff.

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