Monday, June 4, 2012

It Hurts

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  1. hootie the blowfish

    Of the no doubt countless things with more likes than that “education” page, why did the submitter choose to highlight rap?

  2. Oxygen only has 81,889 likes and it’s a whole lot more important than an education.

  3. When did marijuana become illegal?

  4. T1000 has far less likes than any of these.

  5. Dawn of the Dan

    T1000 steals people’s identities and them murders them. What’s there to like about that?

  6. Everything?

  7. T1000 could eliminate Rap.

  8. ^I could eliminate anything.

  9. ^ Apart from your own spelling mistakes …

  10. ^My bad grammar is an attempt to blend in with humanity. Female dog also used as slang for naggy woman, please.

  11. ^ Incorrect. Your poor grammar is a result of your stupidity.

  12. ^ Correct.

  13. ^Incorrect. I am far smarter than any human.

  14. Bill is doing that on purpose. For realz

  15. Why do you encourage this idiot child and his alter ego DarthMaximus?
    T1000 you are irritating the life out of people.

  16. Mutley, you are fake. And DarthMaximus is one of my many supporters.

  17. ^ or logins.

  18. T1000 fails at life, and at trying to act like a robot. Too bad he’s actually fake.

  19. he’s what a robot would be if it was carved out of shit.

  20. fuck you, beatus.

  21. Sorry, MsAnne. I was trying to bait a trap for T1000.

  22. You can’t just be leaving your caltrops all over the road like that, beatus.
    It’s not fair to unwary travellers.

  23. I saw the fucking trap. I just wanted to call beatus a cunt.

  24. You don’t need a trap for that, MsAnne. You’re welcome to call me a cunt any time.

  25. i could eliminate you T1000

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