Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weep for the Future…

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  1. Primus?

  2. I get it–geology, geography–ha. But Keith’s point is a bit of a fail. Just because you live in the US doesn’t mean you know everything about all 50 states. Like, living here doesn’t mean you intrinsically know all the state capitals. I know them, but only because it was drilled into my fucking head in elementary school. Jasmine’s dumb because she didn’t study for an easily passable quiz; not because of Keith’s BS reason.

    Man, my comments have been long today. A sure sign that I’m procrastinating something else. I should go.

  3. I’ll bet Jasmine failed her spelling test too

  4. cory is just fucking around with those who question his inteligence’s. yea.

  5. Stupid peoples…

  6. Yeah! Just because you live somewhere doesn’t mean that you’d, like, know stuff about it. Learnins fur gay people anyways.

  7. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Cory needs to be bitchslapped with a fucking chair.

  8. @7 Thanks alot. I just spilt my drink because i almost fell over while laughing at your comment.

  9. i was drinking red cordial too 🙁

  10. hootie the blowfish

    I agree, without knowing Jasmine’s age it’s hard to say how ridiculous it is. If she’s in elementary school, I understand … I don’t remember what grade it was, fourth maybe? But I’m pretty sure it took me a couple of tries to be able to name all 50 states. Even know when I take that quiz on Sporcle it takes me as long to name the last four or so as it does all the others combined. State capitals, the same. It’s not just some knowledge we’re all born with, you have to study it to memorize it just like anything else.

  11. hootie the blowfish

    Even now*

    (I did well on my spelling tests, I promise.)

  12. Really.. Peoples.. How ironic..

  13. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @noodles – Drink vodka next time, it doesn’t stain.

  14. thataintwhaturdaddysaid

    Stupid Darrell. Everyone knows Lincoln was WHITE. Psh.

  15. lol @ darrell’s comment. i’m just wondering WHY he thought he was fake and what purpose that would serve haha

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