Monday, June 4, 2012

Stop the Planet…

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  1. Teen pregnancy is nothing new and is actually decreasing. Thats what I think whenever people act like this is some new epidemic caused my Teen Mom.

  2. I feel the same way about crime when people say, “What is this world coming to???” Crime rates are lower than they have been in the last few decades so this world is actually getting better.

  3. 15 is a little old to start having children. Here in Libya, I usually impregnate my subjects at age 12, if they haven’t already given birth yet, of course.

  4. She’s 14, and she “couldn’t be happier” with her pregnancy. Teen pregnancies may be on the decline, but that doesn’t remove the stupid from this child.

  5. Yes, because most 14 year olds are so wise.

  6. This just makes me sad. 14 really?

  7. Vincent, you are NOT the father…I am. Bitches.

  8. She’s 14 now, but she’ll be 15 when she delivers.

  9. Too bad she will die with her child.

  10. Another day…another teenage mother. Nice.



  11. Cyberdyne screwed us all…. Damn you Myles Dyson!!

  12. Normally I’d have more to say about this…besides the fact that I HIGHLY doubt vincent is on par with her being happy and all…probably ran for the nearest closet for a coat hanger “here babe, try this, I think da babies turned around…isn’t that bad for it….no bitch your doing it wrong, lemme try!” *YANK* ” ahhh, see, that’s better, now we jus need a mop to clean up with and everything’l be back to normal right?” Anyways, it disappoints me to see lamebook posts surface so close to home….fuck orlando and everything it satands for…..

  13. At least she is happy about it and not putting it into a trashcan outside the school gymnasium

  14. ^ Now I have ‘Prom-night Dumpster Baby’ stuck in my head.

  15. Beatus: In Colombia we have a saying, “Eight is too late”. It doesn’t rhyme in Spanish, unfortunately.

  16. Is it referring to women having babies, or coke lines?

  17. Both, of course. At the same time.

  18. Little slut. I’d still fuck her though.

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