Monday, June 4, 2012

A Little Too Much

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  1. #1 = Frape. Unless she put it in wrong, I don’t see why she wouldn’t be able to pee. It may hurt a bit, but still… Oh, and the answer is “Emergency Room”.

    #2 = Awesome.

    #3 = Yup.

  2. Uhm…unless #1 is a dude.

  3. Hmm if number 1 is a girl you’d think they’d know you don’t pee out of the same hole. How do u get it stuck anyway, even with superglue it wouldnt bond instantly if it was somewhere moist and not being held still, or would it? I wouldn’t really know…

  4. If there’s something big enough up there, you definitely can’t pee. It puts pressure on the tube so nothing can get out…

  5. Haha how sad that i havent had anything big enough up there to know that…

  6. Laluna, you are fake.

  7. ^ We’re going to have to resolve that issue, now, aren’t we, Luna?

  8. Is it just me, or does it seem weird that when Eric’s watching this couple ‘railing’ he’s checking out the guys dreads?

  9. Orion checked his facebook 3 minutes after sex

  10. it is not not humanly possible to confuse superglue with personal lubricant.

  11. Benladen, I’m guessing they’re all kids and Orion probably had time to do it two more times before he checked Facebook!

  12. not unless someone thought it would be a horrible funny joke and switched the two out, I think I could get all kinds of giggles out of that one…

  13. Eric is smoking marijuana

  14. So am I, but letz not make a big deal of it, k?

  15. no capn. not possible. explain to me how you are just going to ‘switch out’ the two?

  16. Oh, well, Fuck me Ms., do you HAVE to be so technical about EVERYTHING?

  17. I hate the fucking stupidity of this ancient joke.
    it is generally told by people who don’t know what lube looks like to people who don’t know what superglue smells like.

  18. Ms. You out of all people should KNOW, somewhere in that little black heart of yours that people ARE FUCKING STUPID. How dare you place so much faith in humanity! Speaking of lube, H20 is awesome, a little pricey, but, fuck, you get what you pay for, that shit lasts forever.

  19. saliva. it’s the lube your gOd gave you.

  20. Yeah, there’s that…but still…

  21. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Superglue takes like a half an hour to set, and it doesn’t have instant grab either.

  22. Just use nail polish remover. If you don’t have any then just put on some baggy pants (baggy enough to cover your ‘dildo toe’) then go buy some.

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