Monday, June 4, 2012

This is Crazy


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  1. Both these tards need to get a life!

  2. in fitting with the general atmosphere of lame, shameless memeing makes me want to chew my own fucking face off.

  3. ^ Start with your ears.

  4. I fucked Jackie and Megan at the same time.

  5. ^ Those are the names of his right and left hands for today.

  6. Are ‘bath salts’ the same as the synthetic drugs being sold in Australia up until last month?
    I’ve smoked a fair bit of the synthetic weed, and although it’s fairly close to the real thing, it’s strong as fuck and way too intense for the first half hour.
    I couldn’t imagine taking the amphetamine equivalent if the potency is the same.

  7. ^ Dude. Why would you smoke synthetic weed when we’ve got the natural stuff?

  8. ^I’m pretty sure you can’t test for the synthetic stuff, Bacchante. It means drugged up bogan fucks can still head off to work and operate heavy machinery.

  9. ^ Ah. This is prolly why so many soldiers are being killed too.

  10. I don’t get drug tested for work, although it would come in handy if I did. I was just curious after smoking the real stuff for years.
    I’d like to try the coke version of the synthetic junk, because I’ve heard it’s good, but if it’s the same as the ‘bath salts’ shit in the US, then curiosity probably will kill the cat.

  11. yeah, bradles, but you know how we feel about killing cats around here, so…what’s the problem man? Go big or go home, pussy! 😀

  12. Uh, yeah. What all other other commentators said.

  13. Here’s a possible end to #1: And all of the cops, may try to taze me, but I’m tripping, so it won’t phase me. 😉

  14. ^and you wont feel a thing when you get shot in the fucking head, either. you win all the levels.

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