Friday, June 1, 2012

End of the Week Quickies

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  1. *Than.

  2. *Then. He’s a masochist.

  3. Nickelback isnt as bad as some band out there. However, this is fake and all bands will die anyways.

  4. *She.

  5. Mutants are evil.

  6. ^ Glad to see you gave up the spamming.

  7. Shlebs, Kelsey Grammer is going to kick your ass.

  8. Ytmutation, you are fake.

  9. T1000 do you ever get tired of this ‘cybernetic life form here to ensure the distruction of the human race’ fantasy?

  10. ^What fantasy?

  11. NickelBack must be TERMINATED.

  12. ^Correct.

  13. The 3rd one is yet another joke from sickipedia

  14. His mom wants him.

  15. “End of the Week Quickies”?

    are you fucking (with) us, lamebook?

  16. Let’s see how many quickies we can all have during the weekend…

  17. Douse themself in gas and THEN go to the concert? I guess that would be ok as long as they set the band on fire too.

  18. If you want the free gas, you HAVE to go to the Nickleback concert. So that’s how they get a crowd in. I have never met anyone who likes that band.. and I know a lot of fuckwits.

  19. who wouldn’t bang some hot babe in a hamburger bed?

  20. I for one, Will, would not. I know I’m into some sick shit, but I’m not quite tickled with the notion of waking and picking pickles and onions out of my ass crack, no matter how kinky and exciting it may sound, to you….now oh the other hand, if you offer to nibble them out with your tongue and whisper sweet nothings in my ear whilst doing so, I’d seriously consider letting you :p :p :p (Smileys related/you tonguing my sphincter with you virgin tongue, bitch)

  21. i like onions

  22. In your..ass? Lilypants? Really?

  23. Hey Capn, if you can find someone who can eat side bar fixin’s out of your ass crack whilst whispering in your ear, well…male or female, that there’s a keeper.

  24. Unless of course your ears on on your ass, in which case you might want to look for a few more qualities in your future life partner.
    Don’t be too fussy however as it may be difficult to land a woman who will tolerate you having to drop trou for every conversation.

  25. I do not understand peoples obsession with sexual intercourse. Does a huge population mean that much to you? Youre just creating more deaths when the inevitable hits.

  26. ^you shouldn’t worry yourself about why other people enjoy sex. you’ll never get it.

  27. ^Incorrect. I seduce people many times them kill them.

  28. your fucking ‘programming’ needs a fucking tune-up, you annoying sack of crap.
    a real robot would not make such an impossible syntax error such as “…many times them kill them.”
    it would be an illegal execution error.

  29. I am incoporating bad grammar to seem more human.

  30. any of you shitfucks watch the 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick video yet? each link i go to doesn’t load. i thought you twisted beings should have a working link

  31. ^fuck off you nasty little ghoul.

  32. how about you fuck on, you get better results.

  33. ^ What does it even meeeaaan?
    Has Flames ever made sense? Even once?

  34. SILENCE!

  35. Eat a dick.

  36. guinea pig dick.

  37. The rest of that radio station post is actually mildly humorous. It’s always nice to see people making fun of Nickelback, as they suck at life… and songs.

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