Friday, June 1, 2012

When Spellcheck Kicks Your Ass

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  1. Friend of mines cat? So the cat is hanging around mines. Digging for gold etc.

  2. I prefer cats to dogs. Dogs always bark at me.

  3. T1000, that comment was fake.

    What are the odds that facebook status was updated before she told the friend about the cat?

  4. Shut up, you are fake.

  5. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    Wolfie doesn’t like the T1000.

  6. Sometimes these are funny, sometimes they are not. Today, was one of those, “not funny” ones. Oh well. Maybe next time.

  7. What’s the big deal about raping cats?

  8. ^ The necrophilia aspect makes it wrong.

  9. jesuschristanlsuperstar, correct. Unfortunately, its real name was Max.

  10. Beastiality Rules!!

  11. The question is whether or not the cats even notice when 9 rapes them. I doubt it.

  12. Kal? I am disapoint! Rape is fucking hilarious!

  13. Poor little raped cat

  14. #1. saw FRIEND’S dead cat. raped(sic) it in a blanket and just fucking left it there. seemed the thing to do. fuck my ‘friend’. she can put the filthy fucking thing in her car.

    #2. janette likes your discomfort, bec. janette bears watching. straight-up block michael though, because he’s just an annoying dick.

    #3. big hairy deal. so Jordan produces fetish pr0n. we’ve all been there, right? wren should be cast for the role of the bubble-headed ‘innocent’ victim. she’s fucking perfect.

  15. ^fuck you’re right RE: #1, that cunt’s a bitch.

    And #3.. I’d watch that.. just to critique William’s ‘true talent’, of course.

  16. nothing like a man’s raping skills called into question

  17. i just febreezed my carpet, where my feet go when i am on the computer, cause hot damn. smelly idaho up in this bitch.

  18. ^hay flamsie, is ‘smelly idaho’ some sort of fucking weirdo dialect for guinea pig drippings?
    ‘coz i kinda get that about you.

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