Friday, June 1, 2012


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  1. I remember reading this gag in a joke book when I was like 7…I guess people still think it’s funny for some reason..

  2. This is fake. School wont be much of a concern when the nukes go off.

  3. Well that was a waste of my time. Back to the sunburn peeling then.

  4. even if it is an old joke, it doesn’t make Lee Snr any less of a cruel cunt of a person.
    I don’t think there’d be much doubt about what Lee Jnr is going to have to do now to get money to survive on.

    and I doubt it’d be a job – the panhandling little dirtbag.

  5. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    Damn my farts this morning are horrible. Usually I like the smell of them but some of them I need to walk away.

  6. It’s the broccoli, jesus.

  7. Imamofo Tip of the Day:

    Save on the expense of constantly having to fund lazy, fucking demanding, fuckpig Teenagers by killing your children on their 12th birthday.

    You’re welcome.

  8. ^I agree completely.

  9. So his name is Tommy Lee.

  10. Is his avatar a blurry picture of Donald Duck?

  11. Who the hell does this?

  12. Panhandleing’s too glorious of a downfall for that begging pussy jr. We all know he’s soon to be found sucking off men from the future dressed as robots in the back of lamebooks filthy parking lot.

  13. Maybe Tommy’s mom wrote back and her name is jamie lee? Anywho.. I’m with T1000. This is fake.

  14. @7 why kill off a valuable resource? At least *sell* them off.. I saw a doco last night, apparently the child bride industry is booming.

  15. ^I wouldn’t mention it if I didn’t care.

  16. Correct, laughoutloud.

  17. Damn, this is like the oldest joke ever.

  18. This is a facade

  19. ^Cavia porcellus

  20. ^ Ha ha. With the droppings and everything under the computer desk. Well played.

  21. also, he fucks them.

  22. Have you seen baby cavy’s before ? Unlike most baby creatures who are simply retarded coming out of the womb. They are fairly agile and cute as fuck when they are freshly born.

  23. ^oh my fucking gOd, the things I would do to your head if I ever had it secured to my workbench in a vice. or even just a couple of g-clamps.

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