Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Love and Learn (To Spell)

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  1. Miss She, if we could double our dollars by eating them, we’d all do it right?

    As much as I hate shit, I’d wash it off and swallow the money again.

  2. nuff, don’t mock my fears. No one wants to see money flushed down the toilet!

  3. LMAO! Damn I love how you women make me laugh.

  4. As always, a very good thing nuff.

  5. I guess it’s kinda ironic that my chosen profession is nursing, and I despise shit so much. I can deal with almost any other bodily fluid, and that includes pus (actually pus squeezing is a fetish of mine).

    I purposely chose a speciality that is essentially a shit free zone. So thankfully, I don’t need to deal with it that often.

    Praise those cardiac patients, praise them!

  6. lol

  7. yo word if you’re into pus draining have I got an activity for you! they don’t call me pizza shoulders for nuthin

  8. Oh noes! The Alenxxx spambot. Doesn’t anyone moderate these things out of existence? And, obviously, don’t follow the spambottery instructions to google anything, as that’s what THEY want you to do.

  9. This just makes me sad.

  10. Oh my, I have finally become part of the lamebook community. I just have to thank you all for keeping me entertained at work.

  11. @Lammer

    Your Wellcome

  12. @mcowles
    *you’re 😛

  13. god damn why won’t it let me delete my own f’ing comments?!!! sorry mcowles!!

  14. @juju

    haha… you missed the second typo? Tsk tsk, I had more faith in you than that!

  15. I’m honestly shocked and appalled…I shall deprive myself of dinner now…
    Yesum when I saw the second typo I assumed it was done on purpose…but was unable to retract my previous statement..hahaha I sound very la-di-da in my head right now!

  16. @juju

    As long as you got it in the end, then all is well.

    OMG, I should go post this on some sort of “That’s what she said” website… if only I knew of one…….

  17. I honestly thought for a second that when Brian said he was a good ‘lisanar’ he meant he was a good lasagne.

  18. My comment is awaiting moderation?! Is this what happens when you put a link in a comment?! LAME!!!


  20. krasivaya_devushka

    “My soul’s falling from the heaven like broken glass”…omg that made me LOL !!

  21. some people should should not have kids or fuck

  22. Dr.Steve_Brule

    The above sequences of retardation should be used in a court of law as defense for abortion and why it should never be illegal. MY. GOD.

  23. No.

  24. Oh, what I’d do to be considered hansem.

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