Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Layout Nonsense

We encourage everyone to do this to their friends!

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  1. fleur trumps steever. boo yah.

  2. Luna trumps Fleur. Bazinga.

  3. haha nice

  4. I don’t have the new facebook layout, I don’t really want it.

    But what is this? How can you, do this, to your friend?

  5. Win. Way to show Facebook what you think of said nonsense.

  6. You tag your friends in five photos, and it shows up!!!!11 :DD

  7. like

  8. Awesome

  9. Hurr durrr.. mommy, he said penis. hurrrr. *snort laugh* so funee.

  10. Hmm I knew nothing about a new layout.

  11. Cute but I don’t believe it was intentional… his friend/s tagged him in “photos” of pics that are just letters. Done in the right order, it could spell out words when lined up in reverse order of when pics were posted. whoopee…. *shrug*

    I DESPISE the new FB layout.

  12. @Shelley I changed mine to the new one. I don’t see much wrong…it actually seems more organized and neat, for lack of better terms. The one thing I can’t find, though, is the option to change it back to the original; for the people that found out they prefer the old style. I hope it’s not a permanent thing in that sense.

  13. @Keona: There’s no option to change back. It wouldn’t make sense to have such an option because everyone is getting this profile whether they opt in or are forced in.

  14. This is brilliant!

  15. @Shelley – how could you possibly think that was not intentional?

  16. Not intentional by him. Intentional by his friends.

  17. @takemeaway10 I beg to differ. That may very well be the case with FB, however, there are other social networking sites that have an option to choose between two different layouts. I just assumed it would be the same case here, as I had only experienced optional choosings of profiles. I didn’t read the fine print for FB. It asked if I wanted to change, and I checked out what it would look like, and clicked yes.

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