Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

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  1. Fuck off you unfunny cock-knockers.

    I’m embarrassed to be first to this steaming pile of horse shit.

  2. Bollocks! P.A.!

    You love every minute of it!

  3. I really felt like I was part of their conversation! A group of friends just chatting about the hilarity of songs and what they could mean. Imagine! A time to spend with our families and celebrate life and we’re singing songs about “date rape”? But anyway, as soon as I felt like I was part of their conversation I realized I should probably go kill myself so I’ll see you guys lat

  4. I understand the confusion that can arise due to the lyrics of a song not being clear enough, just last week during a dance off at my local disco, i kicked the seven bells of shit out of a lass after she sang ‘hit me baby one more time’…

    But that’s nothing.. you should have seen what happened when they played ‘Fuck me with a Mop Handle’ by the Thompson Twins

  5. @3, why are you putting date rape in quotes?

  6. @MissCalifornia – if you put it in quotes, it’s like you never typed it in the first place and isn’t admissible in court.

    “I love raping dead babies”


  7. Defective User With Smoothy Buns

    Indeed DukeGuy.

  8. Funny, no – however Mandy brings up a valid point. It’s a melodic recounting of restraining someone against their will. Ah well, wasn’t much of a holiday song anyway.

  9. I laughed at the pee part.

  10. … I think Stever is dead.

    But who isn’t, really? Merry Christmas!!

  11. Yup, don’t listen to that shit…

  12. This is really retarded. She’s not being held against her will, she’s playing coy.

  13. I don’t even recognize the song they’re talking about.

  14. Glee did it. And it was amazing.

  15. @14. YES IT WAS! 😀

    This is and has been my favourite secular Christmas song for quite some time and recently two people have said it’s about rape, then I see it on here. It would be funny if it were remotely believable but it’s just people running out of other stuff to pick on, and grasping at straws. What happened to genuine comedy? :/

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