Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sharp Shooters

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  1. In her defense, Italian and French may sound similar to foreigners.

  2. They sound nothing alike.

  3. i think vabadus meant to say ‘to Americans’

  4. 4 20 wooooooooo!!!!

  5. Dawn of the Dan, how often do you hear foreign languages? Even most distant languages can be confused if you just have no idea about them. I talk two languages of the same tree as Italian and French and most people can’t differenciate them at all.

  6. That’s not really the point though vabadus. She’s not saying that they sound the same, she’s seriously asking if they are the same language.

  7. No, Americans can easily tell the difference. This chick is just naive. I don’t understand why people flaunt their ignorance on facebook when they could find the answer in two seconds on wikipedia, though. But i guess then we wouldn’t have wonderful sites like this 🙂

  8. Yeah French and Italian are the same. Also, Pakistan and Iraq are like the same country as well. Duuuuuhhhhhh….

  9. I know, Curlybap, but she talked about singing French in some song. I haven’t heard such song (nor I will), so I don’t know if one of the problem lies there.

  10. In the song she’s definitely speaking Mandarin. Jesus. How anyone could could confuse that shit is beyond me.

  11. She actually speaks sweedish..
    But she’s not good, so even I had a hard time figuring out what she said 😛
    And I speak sweedish..

  12. @vabadus i can’t quite agree with you – saying french and italian sound alike is like saying german and english sound alike. which they don’t. french is very nasal and has guttural Rs, whereas italian isn’t nasal at all and has rolled Rs. the only thing they have in common is that both languages derived from latin – like so many other languages as well.

    but as someone else already pointed out, that wasn’t victoria’s point. she’s just plain stupid.

  13. She definitely knows Italian and French aren’t the same language, she just wants attention. She is an ignorant attention whore who dumbs herself down because she believes people will associate her ignorance with beauty (as in the pretty but dumb girl cliche you see in movies etc.). It’s really pathetic.

  14. It REALLY annoys me when people go ‘oh, why’s it so cold?’ or ‘oh, why’s it so dark so early?’

    Oh, I’m sorry, is this your first time living through a fucking winter? Is this the first year you’ve been up during the day between the end of fucking summer and the start of spring? This isn’t fucking new, it’s happened every bloody year ever since the start of time and it will continue to happen looooong after you cease to stop bugging the shit out of me and get put in the ground.

  15. @thatplaceblog Do you mean in “Bad Romance”? Because unless she has different versions recorded for different countries, it’s definitely French. In the CD version she says “J’veux ton amour et je veux ton revenge”.

  16. BritishHobo your post was funny ’cause it’s true!

  17. Wait… why does it get darker in the fall?

  18. @18 Black people migrate.

  19. @12 I speak Norwegian, and I totally understood her…

    Is that weird?

  20. whatthefargis, I’ve actually always thought that German sounds like English spoken backwards. Not a joke. I really think that.

    But yeah, I can’t believe she was serious, especially because the Italian comes out of nowhere. It’s one thing if someone asks if they speak, like, Swiss in Switzerland. I can’t believe anyone would actually think Italian and French are the same language, unless maybe she heard that they were really similar and it confused her? Because they are extremely similar in vocabulary, syntax, and grammar–more similar to each other than to other Romance Languages. Bah. Maybe I’m giving her too much benefit of the doubt.

  21. @Lametothemin

    Actually, in terms of similarity, Spanish and Catalan are closest ones. Then Spanish to Portuguese, then Italian, then French/Romanian further away. As I said before, French and Italian could be confused for someone who is not used to listen to them and especially in a song it can be a bit confusing.

  22. Of course, ANY two things can be confused if you’re ignorant enough.

  23. Someone who speaks 4 or more languages: Multilingual
    Someone who speaks 3 languages: Trilingual
    Someone who speaks 2 languages: Bilingual
    Someone who speaks 1 language: American

  24. @vabadus, I didn’t say they were closer to each other than any other languages were close to each other. I said that they were closer to each other than they each were to other languages (that is, French and Italian are more alike than French and Spanish are alike, or than Italian and Portuguese are alike). In listening, I’d say Spanish and Italian sound the most alike to me, and I can speak both of them, but in songs especially I have to listen closely to tell them apart. French to me is the easiest to tell apart because it has so many distinctive sounds. But yeah, I agree that for any non-native speaker it’s easy to confuse languages when hearing them. That doesn’t excuse Victoria, though. You don’t have to be able to distinguish them to know that they exist.

  25. Sweet I am trilingual, I speak English, New Zealand and Australian.

  26. Holy crap, New Zealandian AND Australian?!? And to think I only speak American. I feel…wow…like a moran.

  27. Dear Jake, apparently your teacher didn’t taught you very good English.
    Dear Victoria, we’ve finally discovered your secret. You stuff your bras with stupid.

  28. @lametothemin

    haha, really? i don’t know how exactly english backwards sounds. i’ll have to have someone read a text backwards to me.

    well, swiss in switzerland wouldn’t even be wrong. “swiss” could be an abbreviation for swiss-german and in that case, that would make sense.
    but yeh, as you said, thinking that french and italian are one and the same… i wonder if she also thinks italy and france are one country?
    actually, the syntax isn’t even that similar. but i guess they are kind of similar since they’re both romance languages.
    but still. she’s plain dumb.

  29. You’re darn constitootin’ Eric is FTW.

  30. French =/= Italian
    Spanish = Italian (Seriously, it’s odd how much written Italian I can make out just from having had a few Spanish classes in school.)

    Jake = Tea Party fucktard

    LMAO @ Eric

  31. I’m seriously happy someone knew it was Swedish, Alexander Skarsgard was the lovely male she was sucking face with. I don’t like GaGa but that video, was wonderful.

  32. @thatplaceblog @kddanie2
    Try to keep up, folks. She speaks French in “Bad Romance”. She speaks Swedish in the “Paparazzi” video. Geez.

  33. @ 24

    Someone who speaks 4 or more languages: Multilingual
    Someone who speaks 3 languages: Trilingual
    Someone who speaks 2 languages: Bilingual
    Someone who speaks 1 language: American

    Someone who speaks no language: Facebookian

    There, 24, I fixed your post for you…

  34. I am Italian and I can speak Portuguese and a bit of French and Spanish, in addition to Latin (in Italy it’s not unusual to start with Latin at the beginning of high school — it’s 12 years I’m studying it :D). And I assure you that the nearest language to Italian is Spanish, not French. There’s Spanish, then Portuguese (which sounds to me like a mixture of Spanish and French), then French, in order of similarity to my language.

    This makes me wonder if is true what I’m often told. A lot of people who’s been to the US keep on telling me that most of the people they met there didn’t have a deep knowledge of Europe and sort of thought that we’re like a big european country with scattered and indefinite boundaries and languages, I mean they asked to a greek friend of mine, who lives in Athens, if his house was far from the Coliseum… is this true??

  35. @berenice: it’s all relative. Keep in mind that the US is a huge mass of land larger than the entire continent of Europe and even though an American may be well traveled across the states, they could remain completely ignorant of the individual cultures within Europe. Likewise, most Europeans probably are not very aware of what goes on in America outside of our major cities.

  36. You’re kidding right #36? Having a big country is no excuse for failing to know the most basic information about the world, is it?

  37. @fersher

    “the US is a huge mass of land”? Since when? If you include the European part of Russia, Europe overshadows the US easily. Keeping in mind that Canada is not part of the US and that Canada is substancially larger than the US and yet still its population still manages to be educated. Since when is land mass an excuse for ignorance anyways?

  38. ironyispredictable

    Not really. A lot of Europe is broken up by bodies of water. In square Kilometers, the U.S. is probably bigger. And Canada isn’t really much bigger than the U.S. It’s more a matter of population and Canada’s population is much smaller the the U.S.’s. The more people there are and the more spread out the population is, the less educated it will be because the general population-to-teacher ratio is horrible. And the distance between each individual culture makes it easy to be ignorant (each town really has it’s own culture).

  39. #36. Yes, we are very aware of what’s going on in America, and that’s not only because you’re a loud-mouth country. (Though that’s why we know so much about what’s going on in your “major cities”. We study this thing called history. I think you have it too. And we’re not stuck on the “white vs black” or “evolution vs intelligent design”-matters. We don’t fuss about it we just learn the shit and spend all the extra time learning a bunch of crap about stuff that going on outside of Europe.

  40. This not-so-patriotic girl is feeling fairly defensive because of the America-hate. Believe it or not, we’re not a nation of rubes!

    There are well over 300 million people in the US, which covers over 3 million square miles. There are many ignorant people in this country, just like anywhere else. We only border one country that has a different official language, so most people here do not have the need to speak several languages – unlike Europeans. We are, however, required to learn a foreign language of our choosing throughout our education. Though we may not employ these languages frequently, nearly all of us have a basic understanding of Spanish and/or French, and for some of us, Italian, Russian, Cantonese, Japanese, and others. Many households are multilingual, too – we are a nation of immigrants!

    I have spent quite a bit of time travelling across the world and have found that many people in other countries have a grossly misrepresented view of the US. Most of the “regular” people here are well-educated and hard-working. We are appalled by the jesus freaks, the intelligent design people, the tea partiers, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and all the other crackpots and bigots. Those people get a lot of press because they are so loud and ignorant – but they are a miniscule portion of our population, and not at all a fair representation of Americans.

    Just like I assume that Crocodile Dundee is not a fair representation of most Australians, and French men aren’t all like Pepe LePeu (though I have met a few that are just like him). Sheesh.

    I can assure you that we know that Europe is a continent made up of countries, and that Italian and French are different languages. This girl is remarkably slow-witted. I am officially disowning her as an American.

  41. Also, we’re not all fat! We love our gyms.

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