Friday, March 25, 2011

Wins for the Weekend!

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  1. no fun being first anymore.

  2. Awww not ALL sororities are like that. Depends on the school I think.

  3. Wow, those hand relationship jokes still split my side…

  4. Nothing like a hand joke to get me through the weekend, lamefuck

    At least the 1st one I liked.

  5. Epic win for Dustin. On a completely unrelated note, I heard the sorority girls would not put out for him.

  6. You’re right, Zoned. People who categorically make fun of all sororities are sad and lonely people whose only joy is bashing others because they aren’t interesting enough to be able to engage them in any other way.

    I realize the irony of that statement coming from a regular LB commenter.

    Also, that last thing Hawkbit said.

  7. I wouldn’t jump to conclusions, Hawk. One of them might have put out, and his sentiments might have been inspired by the consequences of all of her ‘sisters’ finding out about it.

  8. Bleh.. St00pid feckin’ hand jokes, make me break out with laughter (that was sarcasm, children)
    Sororities are all we wish to accomplish in life symbolically, eh?
    So symbolically I’d like to be a bunch of hormonal girls, generally acting really slutty?
    I’ll pass

  9. I joined a sorority once. Or at least I would have, but it turned out the initiation didn’t involve lesbian sex. Damn.

  10. Those Lamebook boys must feel pretty damn smug that they can constantly post these shitty hand jokes and people will still throw them some cash. You’re well past the halfway mark now, you lazy bastards. Good fucking job.

  11. wordpervert….NAILED IT.

  12. dustin with the winningest win of all wins. nice work.

  13. I lo

  14. Fuck, how do I delete a comment? Accidentally pressed “submit”.

  15. @poprocks I think a $20,000 donation to Lamebook would do the trick.

  16. Welcome to Lameworld. Population: This shitty website.

    At this point I feel I should take Lamebook’s lunch money or flush it’s face in a toilet I used after eating at Aunt Penny’s. (She’s not a very good cook for all the eighth graders that must give Lamebook all their reviews.) :/

  17. wordpervert: Well as you alluded to in your response to the recent auto-correct post (the one they later deleted), it’s no secret that they often fabricate FB threads, so how do we know the legal fund progress figure isn’t BS as well?

  18. You may well be right, tofu. We should run with that theory. The posts are all fake. The legal fund is fake. And we’re all just the same person commenting under different names. It’s all fake. The website equivalent of Pamela Anderson’s rack.

  19. doctorchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I thought sororities were basically just a bunch of college girls hanging out with each other. I don’t see the problem. Maybe sometimes they get a little bit tipsy; they’re in their PJs; they’re getting all giggly; one of them dares two of the others to kiss; there’s some touching and experimenting going on. It’s all perfectly natural.

  20. MsBuzzkillington

    My house is haunted too. haha, that one was good.

  21. CommentsAtLarge

    Guess that means I just need a can of air freshener to become a Ghostbuster… sweet! Who ya gonna call!

    Wordy, by talking to each other here, does that mean we’re actually talking to ourselves. That’s a lot of Sybill stuff right there.

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