Friday, March 25, 2011

Picture These Problems

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  1. What kind of name is Walpole?

  2. Why put “see me” on the test? Clearly this kid has issues with authority, so it’s not like he’s gonna voluntarily go up to the teacher’s desk for punishment. He probably stuffed the test in the trash as soon as he got it back anyway.

    That said, I’ve wanted to put profanity on many a math test in my day, without the anti-gay slurs, that is.

  3. Don’t get me wrong, it’s funny, but I still must point out the guy stole it from a “funny test answers” site.

    Still, I love these.

  4. He’s an asshat that probably never showed up to class. That’s such a basic question that if the fucktard ever showed up to class he was just picking his goddamn nose the whole time.

    The answer is this:
    Cos34=22/x -> x=22/Cos34

    Suck my dick you dumb fuck.

  5. CommentsAtLarge


    While your reasoning is sound, both you and the student above are wrong. The answer is clearly rimjob.

  6. Oatmealandi, I’m hoping Walpole is a nickname that everyone commonly calls him. If not, his parents mustn’t have wanted him.

    I’m also hoping (and assuming) Alex is the girl, and not Walpole.

  7. MsBuzzkillington

    I am not sure about the test one. The ‘see me’ handwriting seems really awful. It seems like both things were written by the same person. SEE ME is really big, usually “see me” is written at the top of the test.

    Dunno, doesn’t seem real. Seems like an afterthought.

  8. Ha. The anonymous do-gooder fucked it up. Suck shit, you rat coward.

    And yes, Alex is the girl, and by the sounds of it, she’s been getting the length of Wal’s pole on a regular basis. And Shane’s. Busy girl.

  9. Walpole?

  10. I was totally absorbed in the first one. Loved the climax
    Walpole is probably a last name (and a place in Ontario), but Im intrigued. I’d try him on for size.

  11. MsBuzzkillington, you think a math teacher can’t have bad handwriting…?

  12. The name Walpole just seems so unusual that it makes me wonder if it’s a weird joke. I kind of want to do this to a random person.

  13. MsBuzz, no need to overanalyze. Teachers are almost as bad as doctors in regards to their handwriting.

  14. It annoys me when lamebook makes you click ‘see more’ and there’s only one more entry, especially when that entry is particularly lame.

  15. It does suck to be Brian

  16. I feel obligated to search for walpole on fb, and pass on this link to anyone named Brian on his friends. I betting that the writer of the note is banging Alex too.

  17. Drat. Do I really want my first every comment to be about the teacher’s “See Me” remark probably being an acceptance of the student’s offer/proposition? ahh too late now…

  18. So he’s allowed to do summit to Shane then, right?

  19. That is an appropriate answer given the teacher’s blatantly inappropriate use of the Comic Sans font.

  20. ‘Someone who cares’ is a stalker. Or Walpole.

  21. @poprocks — Or Snooki, JWoww, and, to a lesser extent, Angelina.

  22. herculestrockefeller

    Cartman: “Suck my balls.”
    Ms. Choksondik: “Present them.”

  23. “It started roughly 5 months ago.”
    Started roughly. But finished gently with cuddling afterward.

  24. yes! this is awesome! i am the infamous walpole (it’s my last name, obviously). im famous!!

  25. and for those interested, she was WAY outta my league. fb me, mike walpole of bensalem, pa. im the man..

  26. Well isn’t this just pleasant. Walpole shut the fuck up ur not infamous, or even cool. Anyways idk how this got up here but ugh yeah hi I’m alex, and half this isnt true. K byee

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