Friday, March 25, 2011

It’s Fried Day!

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  1. Alright, I don’t get this at all. Kinda reminds me of The Pasta Song.

  2. About time this was done. Good. Now that we’re done with it, no more Rebecca Black-related posts, ok, Lamebook? kthxbi.

  3. There’s already a bunch of these on youtube…

  4. oh lamebook, this post was so funny!!! ha ha ha ha ha….come on man! lets try to be a little more selective next time.

  5. Scott…you SUCK!! Lamebook..until you can start posting funny material, I will not contribute to your legal fund.

  6. That was in somebody’s Twitter feed. Can’t remember who, but they were talking about the song said fried eggs.

  7. And I remain blissfully ignorant.

    Lamebook, you kunt

  8. ahaha
    guys you suck!
    i am french and i am able to get the reference 🙂
    check this delightful song, and this beautiful voice ( i am being ironical)

    it is just umbearable

    lamebook, you are my god

  9. so singer name: Rebecca black
    song title: Friday

  10. Wait, what was the singers name again?

  11. hum: rebecca black 🙂

  12. This thing is atleast 83 in meme years.. Let it die lamebook.

    If you really wanna watch a decent spoof search ” Rebecca Black – Gang Fight “

  13. This is also a good spoof. (Brock’s Dub) “Get the fuck over here!”

  14. ginob, that is freaking awesome. That one, I can watch.

  15. Dawn of the Dan

    Gang Fight is absolutely amazing.

  16. #6, everyone has said it sounds like “fried eggs”. Shut the fuck up.

  17. mmm, eggs benedict…

  18. idontknow, I had already shut up a little over 7 hours before you posted, but thanks for that really, really late suggestion. I’ll get back to what I was already doing now.

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