Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Engaging Engagements

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  1. Why do dirt bags all want to get married and why do women think it is a good idea to marry them.

    Seriously Landon and Brytni you are either way too young or he is just a damn dirtbag. Just wait till you can afford a wedding and a House etc… geez

    Sorry this is personal because my cousin is 7 months pregnant with this piece of shit loser who wont keep a job and our family is paying for everything from there groceries to the rent sometimes and now they are trying to get married.

  2. ‘Brytni’ – oh, god help us!

  3. Oh Katie. I only hope we see another post when the wedding is all planned and he suddenly up and leaves.

  4. Brytni! xD Fucking hell! I despise the world.

    Katie, I’m just wondering if your ‘fiance’ knows that the two of you are actually together yet… or even who you are.

  5. Landon needs to change his name to ‘Smoove’.

  6. i know someone IRL exactly like Katie. gotta love Laurel though, she’s down with the whole deal, probably knows she’s better off.

  7. Katie, dear the “very wise woman” was not talking about surprise weddings. God forbid you try ASKING him yourself.

  8. i think anyone would name their daughter “Brytni” deserves to have Landon as a son-in-law… hey at least they won’t have to pay for the cell phone any more.

  9. reproachfulrabbit

    Brytni? Does that mean that 14 years ago (or around then) some daft bimbo actually named her (likely illegitimate) child “Brytni” with what horrid spelling? Even before the world was tortured by the “Britney” Spears inspired baby names?

    I despise the world, too.

  10. I now have a throbbing headache behind my left eye after reading the name “Brytni”.

  11. Rage Aginst the Brytni

  12. Aww bucket umad?

  13. Communication, so easy, yet so hard.

  14. bollywood_rocks83

    Katie,thanks for that anazing idea! Too bad the boyfriend isn’t on Facebook.

    Bucket, my apologies. It makes me stabby too. I think most women or the ones I know see marriage as the ultimate goal and they’re willing to hook up with the first guy who gives them a ring.

  15. the family cell phone plan is the new engagement ring.

  16. Lol @ #2 and Hobo – I thought the exact same thing when I first read this post

  17. Can’t help but wonder what Brytni and Landon will name their children…

  18. If Brytni really believes “if you want something done you have to do it for yourself”, why doesn’t she do the proposing? It’s kind of creepy to plan a wedding without asking the other person.

  19. If you like it then you shoulda put a rig on it…or at least the promise of a future ring…probably $21 from Walmart. (Yeeeeaaaahhhh MTVs Teen Mom).

  20. Blonde, you bring up a good point – I’m sure soon there will be a Landon and Brytni on that show. All of us will be able to say we knew it was coming.

  21. Brytni? Really? BRYTNI?!??!? *wanders off to kill self*

  22. I thought Britani was the worst spelling of “Brittany” that I’ve ever seen. I guess I was wrong.

  23. baby im so glad we r getting married! i love u so much and when i get out of jail i promise im gonna get a job at mcdonalds and once i graduate high school ill move out of my parents basement and as soon as i can save up 15 dollars ill buy u a ring from walmart jus like i promised! i love u so much baby i want to be together forever! this has been the best 3 weeks of my life!

    I’ll bet everything I have that Brytni’s pregnant.

  24. Don’t get the first one..is it Laurel and Andrew “divorcing” and Andrew just posted he’s engaged to his new main squeeze?

    Katie needz moar Starwarz

  25. Things might work out for Katie. My husband never proposed either. I just told him I was planning a wedding for October 6th and fortunately he showed up. Been happily married for three years.

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