Monday, October 18, 2010

Blonde Bombed

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  2. 10 bucks says Stephanie did it on purpose. Pretty convenient that she misspelled imperfect.

  3. stephanie’s always been a stupid name.

  4. I was in a prefect once. Once.

  5. I think the most likely intentional one here is Emma’s.
    On a side-note why don’t grammar police ever go apeshit over people ending sentences with possessives?

  6. What happened to you Hobo, you used to be cool? Now you’re just a disgruntled old man in these comments sections.
    The last one seems a little TOO set up, and I don’t care if people get annoyed by others saying “Fake” all the time.

  7. i like the last one. even if it’s the most set up, it’s the funniest. the first one is an honest mistake- to widely known men with similar names, it’s bound to be mixed up a lot.

  8. just realised i spelt “two” wrong, i didn’t mean that. i’m normally very good at spelling.

  9. I really think Stephanie did that on purpose. I have a shirt that says “prefectionist”.

  10. Hobo’s comment was the only funny thing on this page. Keep up the good work!

  11. Oh blondes…oh wait…balls.

  12. I agree with mad2physicist, Emma’s comment was most likely intentional.

  13. I confuse Obama and Osama all the time.

  14. hahaha i love how they didn’t blur out emma’s blonde hair

  15. Word, don’t worry about it, I confuse Obama and Bush all the time.

  16. Right. Obama and Osama look like twins. Oh wait they don’t. Al all. Well, fuck my guinea pig.

  17. mad2, I jest. And I hope you jest as well.

  18. Seriously, ^ I’m with the FrodoHobo. They think it’s lame for one word to be misspelled? Methinks LB is turning into Grammar Nazis.
    I just realized, no squiggly red lines appeared under “methinks” what…the fuck..

    I’m a brunette, and fairly ditsy. =S (I seriously almost spelled that “faily” Oy vey.

    Aren’t prefects those people in Harry Potter? They’re like magical Hall Monitors? Or are they just the leaders/ bosses? One for each year’s students? Maybe I’m just high..

  19. Fuck me, Keona. I don’t know what you’re on, but I want some. On second thought, perhaps not.

  20. Later, word. I told you to be patient. It seems you’ve got ants in the pants again. I thought the exterminator got rid of those?

  21. word, we can finish our affair tomorrow perhaps. Your wifey is tired. g’night all.

  22. I tried to buy the industrial sized pack of crazy, but they were sold out. Someone must have had a coupon.

  23. I don’t think people confusing Obama and Osama has anything to do with how they look.

  24. Of course not. It has evrything to do with them being complete morons.

  25. Oh, and, Soup, I like that. A whole lot.

  26. @keona, yes prefects are from Harry Potter. They have two from each house and they are fifth year students.

  27. Fuck. Word, I meant to type ‘I confuse _Osama_ and Bush all the time’ and I mistyped. And to this statement I intended, I’m sadly only partly joking.

  28. Speaking of Obama….Why did ppl vote for him again? they should of voted for… *click name to find out. 😛

  29. mad2, gotcha. Now you make sense. Those two, oh yeah, I confuse them, too, but I’m deadly serious.

  30. Word, I usually try to remember which religious cult ldolizes which.
    Or that only one has a beard.
    Of course the thing is that with that bastard Salazar in power, the poor animals still suffer even with Obama.

  31. mad2, I’m with you on what you’re saying. LB is not the place I usually express my political views, so we’ll leave it at that. Besides, I’m too drunk to talk politics, or anything really. I think I should lay down.

  32. Word, I agree on politics and LB not mixing; LB is for innuendos, mocking idiots, and listening to Hobo complain about [insert commonly hated topic here] jokes. And I WAS drunk, then I fell asleep and woke up with a hangover in the middle of the night.

  33. un-lol x 3

  34. Keona and Ksleeve please tell me you know what a prefect is. _lease, pretty please

  35. Prefects are what British schools that wish we still lived in the fifties where food was cheap and racism wasn’t frowned upon have.

  36. High powered position(I am not sure what kind of governement tho).

    I just really remember the word Prefect from Romance of the three kingdoms lol

  37. I thought ALL schools had prefects, no?

  38. I’m about 99% sure that all of these were done on purpose.

    1) There are a lot of right wing nut jobs (not that every side and party doesn’t have their fair share of nut jobs) that believe that because Barack Obama’s middle name is Hussein, he must be a terrorist. They call him one all the time and purposely make references to Osama as Obama. Some of them even go “Osama oops I meant Obama, tee hee,” and then proceed to think they said something clever. Since this person seems to have at least a mild understanding of what is going on in Afghanistan, I get the feeling she is one of the aforementioned nut jobs.

    2) The only misspelled word is imperfect. I think that it’s on purpose so she can virtually spit in the face of those people who think that she should care.

    3) C’mon, Emma is obviously joking.

    Lame book, these are not lame idiots. These are just dumb jokes, not even humorously bad jokes. They aren’t even borderline funny. You are the ones that are lame for posting these.

  39. I accuse the phone company of making that film ON PURPOSE! Now I’m not some fancy big-city lawyer…

  40. @5 Who did that?

  41. @Saffer, I have only heard of prefects in Harry Potter. I live in the U.S. and we don’t have prefects, I believe it is a British thing as Hobo mentioned.

  42. For those thinking #3 is fake, it’s not. Click my profile for the original screenshot. Lamebook apparently really is lame though, they changed the names and put in a fake pics for “Emma”. “Emma” is actually a skeevy old man who may or may not be blond (can’t tell as he’s not on my friends list, profile pic doesn’t show hair color well). His profile says he’s a Republican which probably accounts for the stupidity more than the hair color ;o)

  43. lisk – geez, so what else are they messing with, and to what extent? Fakebook.

  44. Just had to make an account for this. For everyone who made the genius point to say that Obama isn’t the same person as Osama. Check the years on the youtube video. She’s posting something about the attacks from 2004-2009…

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