Monday, October 18, 2010

Folked Up

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  1. Arm robbery, huh? That’s a new one on me. What Will’s dad did sounds like a pretty textbook case of armed robbery though.


  3. Well robbery anyway. I think we’re being asked to make some assumptions about him being armed.

  4. too bad Mike’s not remotely cool enough to be x-xizzled. you don’t want to know how I’m doing it.

  5. Lol @ Twila!! 🙂

  6. I couldn’t help it. The arm looked cold.. I had to robe it.

  7. You’re not Ed? WTF? Did her mom get a sex change to become Ed and then a sex change to no longer be Ed?

  8. @kkkate, and THAT is gonna earn you some jail time. Next time maybe you should resist urges like that. You criminal.

  9. I think he was just shortening armed to arm. I could be wrong though.

    But I thought armed robbery was when you were carrying a gun? Threatened the person with a gun?

  10. @MsBuzz, yeah it’s any kind of weapon really…but he didn’t mention one so I was confused on that one too…

  11. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    That’s why it’s “Arm” robbery Wallac … I mean MsBuzz, because he used his arm to push her before he robbed her.

  12. It’s Strong Arm Robbery, since he didn’t use a weapon but instead physical force when he pushed the lady away.

    The kid probably misheard and thought armed/arm robbery.

  13. I would think it’d be okay to steal an arm at a haunted house…

  14. I’d like to hear more from Katheryn about her “mom”, formerly known as Ed.

    It’s by far the most interesting post here.

  15. I’m with word here. Oddly intriuged.

  16. Maybe Katheryn’s mum had a joint account with her husband but he’s not using it now? I’ve seen people make joint accounts before. Or S/he’s just a gender swapping parent. Either or.

    Stoned haunted house sounds like fun, he should’ve talked more about that.

  17. Is it really so amazing to think that Ed had a sex change? It happens, you know.

  18. IDK, the problem is, how would Ed have been Kath’s mom, if he was then male? But he was clearly male for a period after Kath’s birth, unless FB was around BEFORE Kath was born, an unlikely proposition, given her writing skills.
    Thus we face the double-sex-change as the only possibility to cover all the facts literally.

  19. @idontknow – It’s not the sex change, it’s that “Ed” was someones mother! I’d like to hear that explaination.

  20. I think Ed was Katheryns dad, and then he got a sex change and katheryn was supportive and now calls ed ‘mom’. (helps the new ed with his new femininity)

  21. thelastone, I’ll go with your theory. I like that one.

  22. That dude’s dad should’ve got his refund. I probably wopuld have done the same. I’d be more baked than KFC that’s been sitting out in a desert too long.

    Everyone: I have an announcement: Ed is the new Frodo, stever, ben, etc. We will add him/her/ it to our line-up.

    Mike- fo sho’ you’re mah numba won grizzle..ain’t no otha of my grizzle as grizzled as you, mah brotha home slice dawg.

  23. LOL thelastone… unfortunately i know a couple people that have Facebook accounts under their husbands’ names… not quite sure of the motivation there.

  24. G’ night all. I’m tired.

  25. maybe kathryn’s mom made an account under the name Ed for some kind of joke or for trolling…?

  26. Why is everyone having such a hard time with the Ed post? I’m assuming Katheryn’s dad is a transwoman who recently transitioned and has yet to update her facebook gender status. And as thelastone said, Katheryn is just awesome and is using female pronouns to address her.

    Also, I have no clue what G-grizzled and H-hizzled mean. Darn kids and their mangled English….

  27. Poor John Thomas, that British rogue. I bet he didn’t want to be mangled either.

  28. I actually know the story on Katheryn and her mother.

    Katheryn’s mother dressed up as Edward Cullen for a fancy dress party and as such, changed her profile picture to her dressed as the fucking poncy vamp. She also, though I think she took it too far (not like a twilight fan at all!), changed her profile which included her siblings (Alice Cullen and Rosalie Hale Jasper Hale and Emmett Cullen), parents (all 4 of them), her name, age (107! Jesus Twilight is annoying) and, of course – her gender to male.

    She changed all of this back about a week after the party – but forgot the gender part..which then produced this entry on her facebook wall from her real daughter.

    Though really, when you call your kid Kathryn but spell it like a retard – it’s not surprising that any of this happened at all.

  29. hehe LoL @ Duke

  30. haha I love that DukeGuy

  31. So Ed got a sex change and is now a woman, and Katheryn has switched to “Mom” instead of “Dad” out of respect for that.

  32. @idontknow – I fucking told you what the back story is

  33. lmao Dukeguy

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