Monday, October 18, 2010

Just Thought You Should Know…

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  1. wordy, I know you didn’t get one. o.o Never said you did. I was just saying IF I ever get pulled over for what I do.

    mad2 Maybe you can interface with my ass, by biting it.

  2. That sounds real similar to Canada word, except I think our penalties for speeding and DUI’s have gotten a bit more severe since about a month and a half ago. Alas, I have 0 points on my license, w00t!

  3. Keona, the last line in your comment #94 was what I was referring to. Blah. It doesn’t matter.

  4. Oh. ^_^;; I’m not blonde…I’m worse. A brunette. Sorry. My attention span and memory are that of a spong- kitty! ‘scuse me while I go pet it.

  5. nuff, funny. Bad boy.

  6. Bad enough to pull out your riding crop?

  7. hmm…i think i’ll get mad2’s name tattooed on me. also, im afraid i missed the tittie sharing. im sure you are all disappointed.

  8. I’m tired, and going to go rest some. G’night you LameBooker hookers.

  9. Ah, yes, memories, nuff. The good ol’ days. How I miss them. I bet you do, too.

  10. You did titties without me? Whores.

  11. Did I miss the titties?

  12. Yea, I guess we did miss the tittie sharing 🙁 Booooo

  13. Well, shit. Off to the porn, I guess..

  14. I was here. I saw nothing. You missed nothing. They’re all talk, these girls. But, one crazy did show us her tits last week. I reckon it’s only a matter of time before another surely does.

  15. Yay! Whores!

  16. lol word I remember now

    I guess I would have been all talk as well >:D

  17. Woah, what?! Someone showed tits and I missed it?

  18. Pedant @ 19 – that cracked me up. Nice one lol 😀

  19. I awoke because I had a fucked up dream. For the first time ever, I had a dream…about reading comments on LB and posting my own.

    What the fuck..

    Anyways, just thought I’d pop on for a min to tell you how much I subconsciously obsess over you all. Freud would be proud.

    For the record ^ I did say it was a plain t-shirt. If you boys want a visual: just go look at any chick with a regular tee on.
    Nothing special at all. o.O Unless the site of the breast area itself is enough to make you as fervent as rabid dogs in heat?
    Bloody hell, just go look at some store mannequins that display Tee’s. I can easily imagine seeing some dude fapping away to them in public and then being escorted out. *shudders*

    Well, back off to sleep.

  20. Night Keona – wishing for better dreams for you this time round!

  21. “I can’t speak for all women on periods, but on mine, I do get sharp stabbing pains on my puss…quite painful. The lame part is that she shared it on FB.”

    “Period sex..:L Really helps the cramps and bitchiness. Though, it is embarrassing to see the cleaning lady in the hotel change the sheets every day for a week, with stains everywhere. God knows what they must think. Either murder, rape, or virginity taking had taken place.”

    The lame part is that she shared it on Lamebook.

  22. mb, why is it lame to tell people your period gives you pain in your pussy? People need to stop being such prudes.
    However, I’ve never heard of or seen period sex getting blood everywhere.

  23. It’s lame because she called someone else out for being lame for putting it on Facebook then overshared here. Or is it supposed to be OK here because we’re all anonymous, because I don’t think that makes it any better.

  24. It’s called sick and fucked up humor. Apparently you don’t get it. 😀 it’s ok.

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