Friday, April 1, 2011

Tip Top Type!

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  1. Wow, there is nothing about that tattoo that’s working out for that dude. Sucks to be you.

  2. Towards the top of the tattoo, is someone named Bagid? Plus there’s a Beany in there, too. 🙁 I’m gonna have to second the bimbo.

  3. Wow, an auto-correct that actually looks feasible!

  4. I could believe that Bagid was in fact Brigid, but I couldn’t come up with a sane alternative for Beany so décided the problem was in the eye of the beholder.
    Now that you’ve confirmed my fear, though… It may be Baigid after all

  5. Beany could be Berny.

  6. That is one hell of a tramp stamp.

  7. Ah yes, that could very well be Brigid and it could very well be Berny (which is still pretty bad). Thanks for making this tattoo slightly less terrible* for me.

    *Still very terrible, though.

  8. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Does the bottom of that tattoo say “meat banana”? I swear that’s what I’m seeing.

  9. na there baigid and beany… Sorry

  10. and, once again…another misspelling of ‘you’re’.

  11. There never gonna learn about the rite your 🙁

  12. *They’re

    If you’re going to correct someone, make sure you are spot on with your grammar!

  13. esmith = wallace

    ginob evidently forgot to use the sarcasm font for the benefit of dolts like esmith. Thanks for playing, assclown.

  14. I always forget the sarcasm font?! 🙁 is it /facepalm?

  15. esmith. Dude. Terrible.

  16. Is Beany/Berny/Deany a male or female? Either way, its parents must have hated it.

  17. Jesus, esmith. Stick to contributing to Lamebook rather than attempting to fly with us eagles.

  18. A gonad-filled day is usually a great day, hell yeah!

    (The following link is NSFW!)

  19. Awesome. The second one is definitely one of my friends. I cracked up when she posted it. That’s Woodstock for you. I love my town.

  20. yorkshirepudding123

    Am I the only one to notice the state of his dirty underwear! Looks like he’s had those pants on a while, or he wears a lot of fake tan.

  21. Here’s the whole family tree. Looks like Mary and Bernard begat that mass of inbreds. And it’s “Brigid”. Dunno where “Beany” fits in.

  22. @RockMeAmadeus Thanks for that, just what I needed on a Monday morning.

  23. fucking hell, fruit of the loom boxers?

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