Friday, April 1, 2011

Quick Winnin’

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  1. Rawr! I hate PT Cruisers too!

  2. I just don’t get the last one.

  3. PT Cruisers are the worst. I had to rent a car for a 4 hour drive and all they had for some reason was PT Cruisers. It was the most uncomfortable drive of my life.

  4. Pt cruisers r cool if ur 60

  5. I don’t know if it’s just were I live or if other people get to see it all the time too, but our PT Cruisers often have airbrushed art all over them. Two that I can specifically recall are: The Pirates of the Caribbean one with the Black Pearl and the faces of the cast and crew, and the license plate read “Scllywg”; and the one with running wolves on it and air brushed on the side was something about wolfpack and running together. Good times.

  6. Wow that sounds so lame

  7. My favorite is here in the Los Angeles area, Hispanics put an airbrushed drawing of the truck there driving on there hood under some crazy terrain that for sure the truck wouldn’t be able to handle

  8. I once saw a guy in a camaro that had Sylvester Stallone as Judge Dred painted on it

  9. ^failassault at least you don’t live on the East coast because the darker race like to put a 5 inch lift on their 89′ crown vic and get a paint job that has a cereal character on it. No shit. I took a picture of one with tony the tiger. I have also seen a KFC one with a black man driving it.

  10. I may be crazy, but I loved my PT Cruiser, and I was sad to trade it in. I had a ton of fun in that car, and it actually was well built. I’m tough on cars, and my PT Cruiser held up a lot better to my abuse than almost any other car I’ve ever driven, and I’ve driven almost everything under the sun. It definitely is a polarizing style, though. Either you love it or you hate it, but it’s definitely not a “crappy” car. At least a PT Cruiser isn’t boring, like a Corolla.

  11. So…hysteria…the darker race, huh? That’s what we’re going with?

  12. @ beatusmongous the crappiness of the PT Cruiser really depends what year early 2000s were crap with horrible reliabilty, newer models are more reliable, still ugly!

  13. Holy shit hysteria, I’m moving to the eastcoast lmao

  14. Anyone who tries to copy and paste for an essay fails and is the stupidest among stupid. Teachers have programs that they can use to see if someone’s done so. Guess what? Then you get a fucking 0.

  15. I’m a teacher and I don’t have anything to tell me if someone’s copied…you just have to use common sense. When I get a student who can barely put together a sentence on any other assignment turn in an essay that’s eloquently worded and incredibly informational, I know something’s up.

  16. i’m so glad i don’t live in a country where people have strong and racially demarcated opinions on cars. i can’t think of anything more decadent and loathsome than judging people by their choice of vehicle. this goes some way towards explaining why no one respects americans.

  17. PT cruisers suck, always. And I am glad I don’t live in a country where people judge other people by their vehicle judgements

  18. @jeffreyd That was strictly speaking from my Senior High School English class teacher’s own words, of course. I realise not all areas do that. Besides common sense, there are websites that can tell you as well is all I meant.

  19. Also, I don’t think you’d need a special program. Copy and paste into google search sounds the easiest way. Special program, my hiney.

  20. I get the angry birds reference, but also a bit lost. Can someone Wallace that for me?

  21. @ckphair, mine was a 2000 Touring model. I wanted a manual transmission, but I lost my Z in a flood, and I needed to replace it quickly and couldn’t wait for a manual to arrive. Fortunately, someone else couldn’t wait, either, and I got mine right away. I had it for four years.

    I find that most people who hate PT Cruisers hate them either because of looks, because they hate Chrysler, or because they compare PT Cruisers to cars that are much more expensive. They aren’t a bad car. They just aren’t outstanding in any area other than design, which is very polarizing. Personally, I liked the design.

  22. I love my PT… I don’t give a flying fuck what anybody else thinks. I bought the car for me, not them.

  23. yeh you tell ’em girlfriend!

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