Friday, April 1, 2011

Meet Bryttani…

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  1. is it wrong that i friended her?

  2. Just think, if you’re 19 years old and female and have mediocre looks, you can be out of shape, arrogant and full of yourself, completely incompetent with the english language, post classless “prayas”, and all sorts of nasty and rude to people stuff and still get laid. Amazing. But time catches up. We’ll be seeing girls like this on people of walmart at age 35 or 40.

  3. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    bnt5 if she were hot, then I would have no problem with all the shit she is saying.

    Welcome to Lamebook by the way and for the love of God don’t tell us if you are also fat or just gained “comfort weight” we wont let you live it down.

  4. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Come to think of it, don’t tell us if you are a lingerie model, you wont live that down either.

  5. @49
    Her…she’s fat.

  6. I am not fat, or a lingerie model. I’m consistently average, nothing for you to make fun of haha, sorry.

    And thanks.

  7. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Being “consistently average” IS something to make fun of. Not like I was trying.

  8. You really should applaud yourself for being able to make fun of absolutely anyone. I guess you could consider it a talent, or maybe it just makes you an asshole. Who knows.

  9. It’s a talent and we love him for it. Also, by consistently average I’m assuming you weigh around 180 pounds.

  10. Incorrect, sir.

  11. ok first off yall have no life u stupid little ass no good non haven a life people! how can yall sit here and talk shit bout someone yall dont know umm can we say people with no life! as for the 6 kids dont fuckin worry bout if she had 30 kids its none of yalls biz! yall haten bc she prob aint give yall a time and day and will never in her life! lets all get it together u fuckin low life bitches! yall can talk shit all yall want but little do yall know yall keeping her famous seriously lamebook who the fuck made this shit! ooo yeah a person with no life!!! yall gettin on here tittes but i believe yall mad bc yall dont have none like hers u fuckin fagots! its a damn shame yall hate on her for damn reason she must got something yall dont have! like a life! and as for her selling her self boo u mad bc u cant hit that lmfao yall people are so bored with ur life that u have to get on someone else but i guess thats ok too bc like i said u maken her world wide famous! we laugh at haters like yall!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmfao lord have mercy on yalls souls. lmfao you people crack us up omg!!!!!!! lol my daughters godmom is famous yall……hehehe ill be sure she leaves yall an autograph at the door!!! bye low life people!!!!

  12. “forgetuhoe”
    You must be as much of a Fatty McSkankface as Bryttani is. The only thing Bryttani has that I don’t have is a collection of rolls larger than your local bakery and some sharpie eyebrows.

    And I’m sure no one on this site would even wanna “hit that” with a rock.

  13. Did anyone else read “forgetuhoe’s” comment in an American Redneck accent?

    Now I can’t get the word “ya’ll” out of my head >.<
    She used it twenty times ffs.

  14. @panther isn’t that the only way to read it?
    Ok so I’m new to lamebook I have been browsing through for about a week and have learned to look at the comments the last day or two; sometimes the comments are way more funny than the actual content.
    On this post I thought the fact that everyone searched her and found a way to look at her pictures even though the page was blocked (oh oh just had a thought, since she’s on private I wonder if the person who submitted her did what y’all did or is one of her friends?? I’m a little slow; not slow like bryttani, more ditzy less skank retard). Anyway, I thought that was taking it a little too far and I kind of wanted to comment stating that. Well forgetahoe (great name btw.. because after reading your thoughts that’s all I want to do, my own literary skills have been knocked down a bit) she jumped in and made my point for me, in not quite the words I would have used, but then again I’m pretty fluent at english.
    The reason I’m posting is really to just say hello to all of you.. I will probably start showing up more, I really really hope you like me!! With my “comfort weight” lingerie wearing ass and all lol I’m just kidding about some of that, I’ll leave which part I’m kidding about to yall .
    I’ve forgotten my point, to simply say forgetahoe is stupid is stupid itself, you can all see that, but I got carried away in my comment and I am just ready to end it… so I will do just that, but first @forgetahoe do you think you could pull some strings for me and get Bryttani to sign my cleavage?? I’ve always wanted someone famous to autograph my boobs!

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