Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Little Extra

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    If Jack has his grandma on his facebook, what are the odds his mom is on there too and will probably see this status?

  2. Ok, I’m a grandma. What does /n mean when people post??

  3. I’m guessing it means “new line,” like it would if Jen were writing incorrect C code to submit idiotic Facebook replies.

  4. Surely every grandma knows what C code is, right malomonster?

  5. fuck this shit i’m going to chatroulette

  6. gran is awesome.

  7. I appreciate Gran’s good advice, but you know the source of her knowledge is the Jurassic herp that’s raging in her depends. Not even Jeff Goldblum could escape her vagisaurus.

  8. The whole \n /n thing really annoys me to see on FB….it looks so retardedly stupid. My friends tell me it’s a signature thing via their phone. Why do you HAVE to have a sig? Why not just post it normally?

    I also find it appropriate that all the posts have to do with sex, and at the bottom there is something called “Amazing Picture Dump” with a a girl upside down in water, her legs spread open completely, splits wise.

  9. I remember seeing a video of you on a bus.

    I’d do you.

  10. Thanks Walt. Yeah, good old retardedly childish high school days. My friend still refuses to take the videos down….the whore.

  11. So what’s wrong with that last one? Well amber’s comment sounded kinda dumb but the rest of it, nothing so lame about that. I bet he’s a defense contractor stationed overseas. You go dude.

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