Thursday, June 30, 2011

Folkin’ Freakin’ Out

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  1. So… Matthew is ranking a 12 year old boy on Facebook?
    He thinks that’s classy?

  2. Jesus, Matthew sounds like he’s a teenager.
    Just drop it and get over it, it’ll probably happen to her
    a few more times in her lifetime. Is Matthew gonna do that to
    all her ex-bf’s? Sheesh.

  3. I can’t wait till Chaz’s overprotective parental units see this hahaha!! Oh man, and the drama unfolds!!

  4. Matthew is absolutely ridiculous. He is threatening a 12 year old? For what? Breaking up with his daughter? Big deal. It happens. Did he expect them to get married? He is lucky Chas isn’t my kid.

  5. CommentsAtLarge

    Whatever happened to just being there for your own kid and not starting an internet-flame-war with a minor?

  6. So, as I understand it, Chas and Emily were dating, broke up, and Chas moved on. Emily is still sad about it. Chas has a new girlfriend and they write about their love for each other on their Facebook walls. Emily’s mom makes a passive-aggressive status calling him on it, he politely asks for them to leave him alone, and Matthew flips the fuck out (and it wasn’t even a very good freak-out)….that classy motherfucker.

    So my question is, why are they getting involved when their daughter is the one with the problem? Also, why is he still friends with her and her parents? This happened to me with an ex once and I just blocked them all. Problem solved.

    Well at least until she started calling me in the middle of the night, blocking her number, and creepily breathing without saying a word into the phone.

  7. Why are 12 year olds even dating? Seriously, that is the real issue here. That aside, Chas sounds the most mature of all these idiots.

  8. If he really wanted to, Chas could cry harassment on this.

  9. Um, how is Chas being mature? For bitching about his ex not proclaiming her love for him online? For being bitter and not letting go of a past relationship? For trying to start shit with an ex and her family? He could have easily just ignored the mother’s initial post. But being only twelve, of course he couldn’t handle that.

    Any parent would defend their child against an ex who was being a dick…..Chas does need to grow up or play in traffic, Emily’s parents+ Emily need to delete Chas and block him, and someone needs a dictionary to look up mature.

  10. hootie the blowfish

    @Keona: From everything we have to judge the situation by here, Chas wasn’t bitching about anything until Emily’s mother called him out for … loving someone else after he broke up with Emily? Chas wasn’t being a dick, at least not according to anything we can see here.

    When one person is a father, presumably close to 35 or 40 based on his daughter’s age, and the other person is 12 years old, and the father tells the child to go play in traffic, I feel pretty safe in saying that the father is the immature one.

    Put another way, what has Chas done in this conversation that would not be expected of someone his age? That’s what mature means. I’d hate for you to have to go get a dictionary, though.

  11. i doubt he’s Really 12 years old… i think matthew was just making a point that he was young.

  12. ^ I concur ^

  13. etownegeatgmaildotcom

    um..if my daughter was dating at 12 years old this status would’ve never exsisted. I would have put an end to that ‘relationship’ as soon as i heard about it, and she would be grouded for even thinking about being with a boy. Jesus, when did kids start acting like grownups in elementary school? I remember in elementary school I kissed a few girls here and there but there certainly wasn’t a ‘love’ relationship, with any kids. She should be climbing a tree, not on Facebook crying over a guy. What terrible parents.

  14. I agree with xxcandela, I’m pretty sure the kid wasn’t actually 12, kind of like how even at 19 I see kids driving who I swear can’t be older than 13 because they just look like children. If Chas really is 12, though, it was pretty stupid of Matthew to go off on him like that.

  15. The real issue I have with this post is WHAT Matthew says in his freak out.. I’m not sure if he’s the dad or the brother or some other relative, but telling Emily’s ex that he is basically better off dead is probably the rudest thing he could have said. What an absolute knob.

  16. What shall I do to this malevolent fool? Force choke anyone?

  17. The T family are the ones being lame, no doubt. They all gang up on this guy but nowhere manage to say anything that Chas did that was wrong. Seriously, did anyone here ever need their family to gang up on someone just for breaking up with them? Stupid, and immature. Your precious girl got broken up with, that’s called normal life, get over it.

  18. I think Chas is in the right here. I mean, it’s pretty lame to talk about your love for someone over Facebook (or at least, gush over that person) and to expect your girlfriend/boyfriend to do the same, but it’s even lamer to passively-aggressively call out your daughter’s ex just because he’s moved on. It’s even lamer (lamelier?) to go off on said ex when he says that the girl’s family doesn’t have any part of it.
    Which is true. I understand that parents and family members feel like they need to help someone when they’ve been broken up with or whatever, but do they not realize how stupid it makes them look when they attack that person’s ex?

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