Monday, January 16, 2012

A Successful Status

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  1. For once Husky made me laugh, that’s weird.

  2. Bo Burnham ripoff.

  3. How original.

  4. I don’t think so Brant

  5. Nobody actually calls fractions where the top number is larger than the bottom number ‘improper’ outside maybe elementary school.
    Also to make it well defined you would have to look at the absolute value of the numerator and denominator, since p/q = (-p)/(-q).

  6. @mad, you take these posts seriously don’tcha? Relax, it’s all in good fun! We should all be happy that it’s not another Michael Jackson or Justin Beiber joke.

  7. Actually, Mad makes rather clever response jokes usings physics and math that are pretty funny.

    I don’t see any reason why the larger one can’t be on top as long as he/she is properly supported. Things get a lot more exciting, though, when “top” becomes relative.

  8. I concur. mad is right. no one older than the age of 12 calls them ‘improper fractions’, and no one older than the age of 12 thinks that joke was funny.
    (and the kids 12 & under don’t really understand it, so they don’t count)

  9. Okay Brant. Have fun living your life either only having sex with fat chicks or never experiencing “cowgirl” positions.

  10. Quoting Bo is fine with me, because he’s hilarious.
    Pretending like you came up with it yourself is not okay, and makes you an asshole.

  11. Actually… I was teasing mad. All in good fun kids, all in good fun.

  12. Of course I make ‘serious’ responses. It amuses me. What surprises me is that anyone else thought my response was funny.
    Also, Brant’s joke failed to be funny on a number of levels. I only pointed out one of them.

  13. And I don’t mind when people poke fun at me, or object to my responses… why would I?

  14. nerds.

  15. Hey, nerds have feelings too.
    I know they feel pain, anyway.

  16. Brant also fails at understanding how the comma works.
    And the apostrophe.

    But his name reminds me of The Big Lebowski, so there’s that for upside.

  17. The first one is dumb. A lot of times the guy is on top and a lot of times he’s the bigger one. Duh

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