Friday, June 10, 2011

Wins Before the Weekend

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  1. @Cam: I did have one neighbor who got on me a lot, but then my parents found out and the police came and too him away.


  3. First?

  4. WOW they were all so bad and unfunny..

  5. vonmistelroum = FAIL


  7. *goes back over to see what Jantelle’s up to today*

  8. lame and eighth :G

  9. whao! LAME

  10. CommentsAtLarge

    The control, alt, delete one made me chuckle.

  11. The sandwich joke is so goddamn tired and played out. It was kinda funny the first hundred times someone said it, but now every time I see it I just think “fuck you, you lazy comedy parasite”.

  12. Didn’t get the ‘jets fan’ one. Care to explain?

  13. Chapa,

    A “giant fan” is either this:
    Or this:

    Although I assume the latter should be called a giantS fan.

  14. Dawn of the Dan

    The Jets and the Giants are two New York-based Football teams.
    Peter said he wanted “a giant fan” to follow him around.
    I liked that one. It’s the kind of comment I would make.

  15. the giants are a baseball team?

  16. actually, it’s far more like they were referring to the Winnipeg Jets (an NHL team) considering Winnipeg just got the NHL back and there has been alot of hoopla about it.

  17. Dawn of the Dan
  18. I almost gave this post a positive rating because sports jokes get me every time, but all the other ones were garbage.

  19. Onie and l7669058, yes, you are both correct, but Dan is right. The joke makes far more sense when you take two teams that actually play the same sport.

  20. I liked the CTRL ALT DEL one but it should have ended with “and restart.”

  21. 2, 3, 4, and 6 made me lol. The other ones just sucked. Shannah tries to hard to be funny, which she is awful at. Sandwhich jokes were funny but they are to played out now.

  22. Sandwich*

  23. So…the weekend is here; when do the wins come? Ashtyn, Chris, and Cam all deserve swift punches to their reproductive organs. The rest just slaps to the face. Neil, at least, left me neutral, if not rolling in the aisles.

  24. I rode a bike without a helmet and consequently damaged my brain so much I am now posting retarded copy/pastes on facebook.

  25. Winner: Matt (from the last post). Rawwr!

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