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  2. Yet another reasons hysterectomies should be available to anyone, and just just for medical reasons.

  3. * not just, bleh. I need coffee.

  4. I can’t believe you idiots think this is a real Facebook page. Her only two pictures have been circulating for years. Maybe if Lamebook didn’t suck so hard their legal fund would’ve been filled by now, instead of just sitting pathetically at the same spot.

  5. An entire book could be written about this woman’s stupidity.

  6. hahahaha this is the funniest thing i have ever read in my life

  7. I agree with Boomstick.

  8. Maybe we should rename this as Fakebook?

  9. Sadly there are many people really like this where I live…

  10. Agreed Boomstick. Wasn’t that picture on a lamebook sometime last year? I remember someone commenting on her almost nip slip

  11. of course this disgraceful piece of shit is from philly…real or fake leave philadelphia out of it.

  12. Maybe the photo appeared on lamebook last year, but in that picture, she says she might be pregnant.

    Fastforward a year to her and her baby becoming People of Walmart?

  13. I believe she may be a troll, for two reasons:

    1) Look far back enough and she talks about how much she loves God, then she switches to a militant atheist act when she argues with Taneya farther up.

    2) On 2/4 this year she posted a vid of Puff Daddy’s cover of “Every Breath You Take” – that one he did when Notorious BIG got killed early in ’97 – and said it was a new song. A NEW SONG.

    I mean, come on, either she/he/it should take a new job doing stand-up comedy or she is completely unfit to procreate. And this is the first time I’ve ever said that about someone.

  14. I really believe people are this stupid…as much as it pains me to say

  15. i searched her name on FB and found her.. she is seriously messed up and a real person! i saw this after the last one that was posted and i looked her up….

  16. She is not real!! this was Dec 9 2009. This is a racist troll. People are such douches!

  17. It would make sense that she’s fake. The caption of the baby pic said she looked like a black Tyra Banks. That seems troll-y. And then there’s all that “ma flaps” talk…..

  18. @boomstick – that’s harsh. After all, are you not sitting here procrastinating on Lamebook? i.e. It entertains you.

  19. look up skweezy jibbs on facebook, now he is real and he is fucked up

  20. Even if she is a real person, that post is fake. How the hell did she sneak into prison and have sex with this dude? No way. I hope to God the post about her baby is fake too, if not someone needs to bring this bitch to the attention of DFS.

  21. I guess I spend too much time on the internet. This picture is a obviously a fake… I’ve seen it on tumblr and random blogs for at least a year or something. Funny. “Gotta compose myself. Gonna go to a Walmart for 45 minutes..” or whatever. Seriously?

  22. Yeah, this facebook profile is fake. Aside from the photos having been around for much time already, look at her English. I find it infinitely easier to understand her typing “in dialect” than actual ghetto people. She writes too phonetically and uses a vocabulary that shouldn’t be cool for someone such as her. (turbulence, voluptuous, complacent!, and cute little made up ones like “nigtaculously,” “niggasome,” “nigtrincula heart”,, etc.)

    Also, she doesn’t really get angry at anyone who says something nasty or confrontational and points out she’s a joke. When she occasionally does it’s a very short message that does not look very heartfelt.

    Oh, and she shot someone and was a victim of a driveby, in a small time frame. This troll is a lot more complicated than the “epilectic monkey” posts that use dollar signs and whatnot.

  23. Also the mad growth of her friendslist, especially since the last lamebook entry, looks more like a joke page gaining popularity than any proof of her authenticity.

  24. Haha oh man, it’s obvious the profile is fake, but the fact the picture was still taken at some point makes me laugh.
    Also, even if ‘she’ was real, her fat ass never could have snuck into the jail, especially long enough to have sex. What’d she do, kick down the glass and lock them in a supply closet while the guards watched?

  25. So true, Zoned. The last time that chick could have possibly done any sneaking would’ve been about a hundred pounds ago.

    And I now agree the profile is bullshit. At first, based on some of the earlier posts, I did think she was the real deal, but looking at the newer posts (with all the Lamebookers commenting on them), it’s obvious that she’s not. It’s almost like the yoink thing all over again, and will probably die as quickly. Meanwhile, the crowd are lapping it up. I have no idea why.

  26. omg she’s the mad are women from “hair weave”

  27. Can anybody tell me if there’s a way to subscribe to Jantelle’s FB page without becoming friends with her?

  28. You’d be surprised at what people can get away with in the average prison, to be honest, although vaginal intercourse would probably be very difficult to do and finish. Odds are the average visitor would only be able to do a handjob unless they’re allowed conjugal visits.

  29. Drama Leeches….

  30. Ok fake because:

    the nearest walmart to West Philadelphia is near Camden, which is inconvenient to get to. You’re not just going to go there on an impulse.

    second-people in philly, even the ghetto people, don’t usually go to Walmart. I know this because I live there. People with a limited income go to Shoprite or the ghetto Acmes.

    West Philly has a HUGE rap for being the cliche of what is ghetto, and though true, you can’t slap all ghetto stereotypes in to one bit to make it true. West Philly is ghetto, Wal-mart can be ghetto (but more hick around PA), but I’m telling you, NO ONE IN WEST PHILADELPHIA GOES TO WALMART

  31. benladen, what the hell are you talking about. Your generalization of West Philly is not only inaccurate but completely ignorant. West Philly is NOT the ghetto of Philadelphia, thats North Philly sweetie. Secondly, PLENTY of people in Philadelphia go to Walmart, particularly the one down on Delaware Avenue. Thirdly, Walmart is not ghetto. Certainly, it has a stigma to be where the ghetto black people, hillbillies and the like shop, but that isn’t necessarily always true. Are you sure you live in Philly?! Or have you read a few things in online and decided to become the expert, while you sit at home in South Dakota. You’re talking foolishness. It would be stupid to think that anyone, even those in West Philly, couldn’t make it down to that store. PUH-LEEEASSEEE. You sound stupid. Stop.

  32. I would like to second EVERYTHING pinklady said. I live in Philly and go to west Philly ALL the time and it doesn’t scream ghetto to me…

  33. um…no i do not live in south dakota. and North Philadelphia is worse, but trust me, West Philly is quite ghetto. I think you’re thinking about manayunk which is not and is in WP, but the rest is. I didn’t say West Philly was THE ghetto of Philadelphia. I don’t know why people got so inflamed over my comment. All I meant to say was that in West Philly, if you’re ghetto, it doesn’t go hand in hand with going to Walmart. I was tryng to say you’re not going to find so many “people of Walmart” in West Philly. I’m not an expert, I’ve just lived in West Philadelphia my whole life. My brother goes to St. Joe’s Prep and saw two guys get shot right outside his classroom window. I don’t see anything particularly wrong with my comment, no need to have a freak out.

  34. yeah pinklady way to overreact…though benladen might be exaggerating too. it’s fake because the profile has no pics whatsoever

  35. Thanks makeheadlines, I’m happy you see my point. Benladen, I too live in WP and have for the last 17 years, so…I know what I’m talking about. I still don’t think West Philly is ghetto, nothing screams ghetto to me, and trust me I wasn’t talking about Manayunk. Of course, there are some “ghetto” people (I really hate when people throw that word around because there is always a different idea of what is categorized as “ghetto” and most of the time I think it is based on a racial generalization than anything) but ANYWAY, we got “so inflamed” because you were making a generalization about a certain neighborhood and then of a store grouping them together with a word that also draws a certain connotation…I really don’t feel like getting all MLK on this post, its not that deep.

  36. i wasnt overgeneralizing … i was criticizing the way whoever made the jantelle profile assumes that west philly=stupid fatass, and that of course she would go to walmart.

  37. FinishHimFlawlessVictory

    Fake or not, this shit is funny as Hell.

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