Friday, April 5, 2013

So Caring…

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  1. SLUT!

  2. Dear Steeeever^^,
    Does it make you happy sitting on websites all day..everyday..waiting to get the first comment with a 1st grade type signature?

  3. No one is too stupid to insult.

  4. Steeeever should get a medal for sitting all day, waiting, y’know. He’s worked hard for it.

  5. Why doesn’t this bitch just admit she did something wrong and feels bad about it, instead of getting drunk and trying to use every excuse in the book to justify what she did. I realize some women are attracted to married men, and some married men don’t understand commitment, but fuck, so what if they’re horrible people that are made for each other. That doesn’t make it right.

  6. I clicked the thumbs up for Danielle. Only later did I see the comment from John. God knows I need friends like her.

  7. hannibal-lecture

    she did the right thing

  8. I know I should say something about the slutwhore Danielle but… John. ‘literally’. Really? How fucking hard is it to use the word ‘literal’ in the correct context? Fuck you and your bullshit excuse for not being able to come up with a halfway decent ‘insult’.

  9. hannibal-lecture

    Maybe John is flirting with her.

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