Friday, June 10, 2011

Tarred and Heathered!

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  1. First one here to deflower the comments section!

  2. Also, unicorns exist. I have proof:

  3. Ha, I guess it isn’t Friday 4 o’clock in whatever office you guys and girls work.

  4. I know I’m all kinds of stupid, but I really think Keith fucked that joke up. Otherwise, it would have been kind of funny.

  5. My thoughts exactly, els.
    It might have been a mild burn if not for that extra “not” that really just makes Keith seem like a vindictive ex-boyfriend or frustrated would-be.

  6. Bloody hell, I so much wanted to enjoy this joke, I completely overlooked the extra “not”. Thanks for pointing it out.

    I wonder if Lamebook posted it for the right reason though. Probably not.

  7. Keith, you shouldn’t try to be funny when you’re high, you messed up the joke.

  8. Virgins are like overweight boxers… I love to see them fucking pounded on ’til they bleed heavily.

    Disgiuse a Horse? Mascarpone.

  9. Keith is a virgin

  10. Frodo is a virgin

  11. Wait, what do you mean the “extra not”?

  12. Ohhhh my godddd my brain just automatically ignored the “not” in order to protect me. I love you, brain!

  13. If ever you care to be parted from your brain, panda, I could use that kind of self-preservation!

  14. Wandr, your brain is stronger than you think. You’ve been here forever, since before I even started lurking, and it hasn’t exploded or turned into mush yet!

  15. No panda, you have it all wrong. The fact that you stick around proves your brain is already mush. You just don’t realize it because it leaks into your pillows at night.

  16. Some people have a knack for consistently writing shit comments. Defectiveuser is one of them.

  17. I smell a troll…

  18. And that’s one gigantic FAIL for Keith.

  19. Lamebook truly living up to its name.

  20. I thought it was funny!

  21. why would you even want virgins to exist? unicorns on the other hand…

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