Monday, March 28, 2011

Family Problems

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  1. Incest and pedophilia are so much fun aren’t they Merl lol.

  2. Pedophilia? She looks about 40. And like she sings back-up for Tony Orlando.

  3. That is emphatically not pedophilia unless you are saying you know toddlers with bazongas.

    Even if she’s a teenager, it’s not pedophilia because she’s emphatically not under the threshold of puberty.

  4. Tofu is probably referring to the website he was visiting previously. None of my uncles love me enough to make blatant sexual comments to me….or anyone in my family. I just realized my family doesnt love me.

  5. The woman has awesome breasts, I’ll give her that. Can’t see her eyes, of course, but her face looks okay.

  6. Her uncle may not be a dirty old man. He might be relatively young (so to speak). It happens. Her mother or father may have a brother who is a lot younger than they are, and is close in age to his niece. Whatever the case, yes, Donna Summer has great tits.

  7. I have uncles younger than me. Two, to be exact, they’re one and three years younger than me.

  8. Can we assume, nevertheless, Douchetastic, that your young uncles have never suggested the possibility of making sweet love with you?

  9. lametothemin – Uncle Merl doesn’t mention anything about sweet love – might just be a hand shandy and a chicken baster way of making beautiful children

  10. adding LOL to the end of your comment immediately makes it a lot less creepy and entirely harmless … NOT

  11. I never argued the incest portion, merely the pedophile accusation. 😉

  12. @Douche, they wouldn’t be your uncles…they would be your nephews. I have a niece (my brother’s kid) that’s only one or two years younger than me; Remember, incest is wincest, and Poor Gary seems to be having a serious shituation.

  13. Just because they’re younger than me doesn’t make them my nephews. They’re not children of my siblings, they’re my mother’s brothers.

  14. I’m so glad the lack of knowledge of family relationships is not limited just to the submissions, but also taints our comment crowd. I can understand if you don’t know what a 2nd cousin once removed is, but if you don’t understand basic family relationships and the names for them, your family tree must be more of a family bush.

  15. agreed with nublet: family-relationships-fail! Both post and comments.

  16. I didn’t want to laugh at this, but damn if I didn’t just do a spit take at “family bush,” Nublet.

    Douchetastic, still, you raise an interesting question. Is the “creepy uncle” still creepy if he is an adorable kid? Creepier?

  17. Keona’s fail 🙂

    family bush 😀

  18. BOOBS!

  19. My family tree looks like a pissed up spider has stumbled blindfolded and with a limp backwards across the page.

    Merl should not be chastised for wanting to spray muck up his niece, we should instead berate him for giving her warning.

  20. Nothing creepy bout’ that

  21. Incest creep factor pretty much stays the same regardless.

  22. Keona, I don’t know why, but I feel the need to point out that “wincest” is also a coined term for the slash fiction some (creepy) Supernatural fans write about the Winchesters. As a Supernatural fan (but not a slasher) I would advise you not to use this term – the slashers are rabid and will rip your throat out for ‘stealing’.

    There, my first utterly pointless post. Yay.

    (Seriously though, Keona, go in to witness protection or something)

  23. vindictivebitch

    Actually, wincest was a term before Supernatural even aired. Nice try though.

  24. Who cares how old the uncle is, that’s still something you keep your mouth shut about…

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