Monday, March 28, 2011

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  1. Well now, I didin’t see #2 coming

  2. The power of the unisex first name!

  3. Joshua killed it with his last line.

  4. You know it’s spring when the allergies begin, hibernation ceases and uuhh…the above posts start to appear. Oh life!

  5. I love Bailey, but Ashley’s a dumb bitch. I’d go into why this is, but then I’d just be a buzzkill. Speaking of which, is that dan_fargis guy still around?

  6. MsBuzzkillington

    Joshua is a horrible friend.

    Way to be supportive.

    *Mike lays out all of his problems*

    *I don’t think I should be apart of this. Goodbye*

  7. hootie the blowfish

    It’s possible Joshua isn’t really that close of a friend of Mike’s and happened to be the first Facebook friend dumb enough to ask the obvious and pointless question in response to Mike’s obvious plea for someone to ask “what happened?” Or maybe he’s more of the girl’s friend than he is the guy. He did tell Mike to stop posting it on Facebook.

    In any case, Mike’s behavior here is pathetic. What a loser. Keep that shit to yourself, dude.

    And I agree, the unisex name Bailey is what makes the second one fantastic. I had no idea the lesbian comment was coming.

  8. i dont think i should b involved in dis

  9. good posts today!

  10. For a guy that “ain’t no snitch,” Mike sure is doing a lot of talking about what someone did.

  11. I want to push one into Ashley whilst Bailey sits nearby, sulkily forced to watch me masculine spray all over her wench.

    I like Baileys’ but don’t like the weird chocloatley liquor fucking things they made…. they tasted like stale quim in a milk chocolate coating.

  12. Bailey is worse than a guy about this stuff

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