Monday, March 28, 2011

The Lovely Letter

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  1. Adam sucks my fat one.

  2. I laughed. I cried. I may have peed myself a little bit.

  3. haeckelsembryos

    Adam’s awesome.
    So with that said, I am very jealous, jmdp.
    I wish he would suck my glow worm.

  4. DoucheTastic!

  5. Surely this is the wrong website? I’ve been getting into my and while this isn’t strictly passive agressive, it would fit in on that site. It is amusing though.

  6. It’s “THROES of passion”.

    That’s really all I had to say.

  7. I agree with #6. It’s “throes” and also “Morisette”.
    It’s really, really important that you spell things properly when you’re trying to talk down to someone from an “arrogant douche on his high horse” position. Now you just sort of look like an annoying whiner who thinks he’s clever/funny with a seriously over-inflated opinion of himself.

  8. In addition to spelling correctly, it would have probably been better if he’d left off the “lol” at the end. More impact that way.

  9. Yes, BucketofScuzz?

  10. And also Alanis, automaton.

    Anyway, the note was funny, but I doubt it will have its desired effect. That girl knows she’s disturbing people; she just doesn’t care. When she gets this note she’s likely to get defensive and be even louder than ever before. He should have just been a grown-up and asked her politely. Courtesy is often the only way to get what you want from rude people. Still, funny note, though.

  11. Actually automaton, I believe it’s spelled “Morissette”.

  12. Yup, it is Morissette. So much for the “arrogant douche on his high horse” lecture, kinda ruined with your own slip up. 😉

  13. Adam needs to get laid!
    Adam needs to get paid!
    Adam needs to get sprayed.
    Adam needs to get a fucking grip of himself.

  14. grooveshoeshine

    cant you just get her an asbo for all of that? if it was that bad surely the neighbours would have reported it anyway. however, i did find the letter rather amusing anyway

  15. haeckelsembryos

    automaton, that was the most beautifully ironic fail I have ever seen. :’)

  16. People have too much time on their hands nowadays

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