Monday, June 14, 2010

Snappy Snaps

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  1. That booty is infinite!

  2. And $10 says that’s Gabe’s backside!

  3. obligatory: SMOKING PUSSY!!!

  4. Pic 1- Pam Anderson in the near future?

  5. love the self-referential tattoo!

    i’m currently writing a novel about writing a novel. it’s not really something i can show off at a party though. 🙁 although sometimes i shove the manuscript down my pants before i go out if i think i’m going to get lucky that night.

  6. Two cat cruelty posts today, lamebook… somebody doesn’t like pussy.

  7. I just registered to say that I think that last guy got the idea from Beavis and Butt-head.

  8. That ass is great! It just keeps going, and going…

  9. Kentucky..uhmm no more like Can’t *&*ky.

  10. I don’t understand the first one

  11. OK, I really don’t get the second one. Charcoal, garlic and eggs. What’s wrong with it?

  12. europe_rocks: It says “KY” down a bit. KY Jelly is a type of sexual lubricant. Noob.

  13. Europe_rocks it’s really not hard to understand. Even if you missed the obvious “KY” there actually is 2 paragraphs of explanation under it.

  14. @shampoo
    Aaah, I see … thanks. We don’t have this here in Austria, that’s why I was just staring at the pic and trying to discover the joke. Thanks for clearing that up.

  15. the tattooed butt is a good idea now… Give it 5 years then they’ll be getting it removed.

  16. Parents and KY. That’s something any offspring should not know/hear about. I have a picture brain and even though my parents are fat asses, I still don’t want a picture of them bumping uglies in my head….

    Ah crap. Now I have that picture in my head. Where’s that post about drowning kittens again?

  17. I really wish that the bum’s bum’s bum had a bum on it and the bum’s bum’s bum’s bum had a bum on it and then the bum’s bum’s bum’s bum’s bum had a bum on it… etc.

  18. @lamerfan haha yep, but I think it’s pen, not a tat.

  19. Given that charcoal is on that list, they could be going camping and KY is an excellent fire starter (basically the same stuff as napalm). But that’s not nearly as funny though.

  20. The butt tattoo got the idea from Beavis and Butthead.

  21. For those confused about the first one, IMSA is the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

  22. # 12, 13: I love how Americans, who generally know absolutely nothing about what happens outside your part of the world, are going “duh, it’s so simple! KY is, um, vagina jelly, everyone, like, knows that!”

  23. krasivaya_devushka

    ^ lol so true.

  24. I am curious as to why the KY is a few lines down from the rest of the list. Also, charcoal, garlic, and eggs? What a weird shopping list.

    It is kind of weird to see someone making a post on facebook with full and complete coherent sentences. I almost forgot where I was.

  25. @MsBuzzKill sometimes I make a master shopping list if I am going to several stores, e.g. supermarket then drugstore, and separate it like that…I know, I know, most large supermarkets would have KY, but maybe this is a list in progress, e.g. “if you happen to stop by the drugstore this is what we need here,” with whatever else they happen to jot down in the next few days…it just sort of resembled my cumulative lists like that (in form, if not content).

  26. Oh, I’ve seen it only now … the insults … #12 & #13: I am really sorry for not living in the US, but, you know, the rest of the world also uses non-american products – can you believe it?!

    Really, no need to insult me there. Geez.

  27. CHARCOAL, is in pill form. It is taken to provide relief from gas in the colon. Thus relieving flatulence.

  28. It’s also used for tylenol overdoses!
    LOL @ wordpervert: Definitely Pamela in the future.
    And wtf is that last one? o_O I can’t look long enough.

  29. tango alpha delta oscar

    submit that cat to lolcats!!! 😀

  30. The butt tattoo is definitely in reference to an old Beavis and Butthead episode. Butthead described his ideal tattoo: “Well I’m gonna get a tattoo of a BUTT, with a BUTT-shaped tattoo on it, and I’m gonna get it right on my BUTT. That would be cool.”

  31. # 26: Gibt’s andere Länder als USA? Ist wohl ein Scherz?! 😉

  32. YorkshirebornNBread

    I pull the same face as the cat when I smoke…funny, I have a beard too…

  33. ky is a much bigger seller in the US, since anal sex aside, no-one has a foreskin.

    CK – genau gibt’s keine andere Länder – und deswegen haben die Amis gar keine Reisepässe!

  34. Einige denken USA ist das einzige Land. Ich besuchte Österreich im Jahr 2000. Sehr schön!

  35. H2o / Joe, is a far better lube.

  36. That’s a dumb cat. Lung cancer will take forever. But my cat isn’t any better. It keeps trying to contract my affliction. Stupid cat. Feline AIDS doesn’t work that way.

  37. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    I also like how KY is way far down on the list.. like they were embarrassed and thought if it wasn’t with the rest of the list its kinda like it wasn’t really on there.

  38. PeanutButtercup

    ah, the wonders of Google Translate…

  39. Anyone eat that La Vache Qui Rit cheese?
    The cow is wearing earrings, which have a picture of her wearing earrings, which have a picture of her wearing earrings, which have….
    When I was a kid I used to try figure out where that chain stopped until my head spun – but now I have this guy’s ass!

  40. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    10 points for the fractal arse tattoo. A competent artist could’ve squeezed one more in there though. Speaking of squeezing unorthodox things in arses that shopping list looks suspiciously like my grandma’s exotic garlic and charcoal omelette enema. Fire in the hole!

  41. Dorothy Zbornak

    I’m with you, DivineMonkeyTrigger. Chris has an ass (or several asses) that won’t quit. Points all around!

  42. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! The last one just…. priceless……….

  43. ugh, male butt’s are so unattractive and hairy.

  44. you can eat ass for days,

  45. @europe_rocks I’m on your side, why Americans are so ignorant towards people and products in other parts of the world I’ll never know. And Europe does rock 😉 Sincerely, a North American.

    And lol at the butt tattoo, very clever!

  46. Hey, CK, where ya from? Because I’m curious as to how you can accurately depict an average American and what they do and don’t know. We’re not the only country to have people whose heads are up their backsides so far they can see their own tonsils.

    Try not to lump up all in a group, eh? I’m sure you have egocentric twats where you come from, too.

  47. I don’t get the first one and the hopping list one. Okay, people have explained the KY here, but still. What I’m wondering is, why would he be grossed out about that list? How are charcoal, garlic and eggs a reference to anyone’s sex life? Don’t know, maybe there’s some great joke I just don’t get.

  48. *shopping list. Damn keyboard keeps eating letters.

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