Monday, June 14, 2010

It’s Pat

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  1. The kid *may* have a learning disability, however I’ve seen enough stupidity from people of supposed normal intelligence that I can’t really tell for sure. If he does, it’s sad times and this should be removed.

    If he doesn’t, then it makes me ashamed to be from Arkansas. Just sayin’.

    Though, from my recollection, they didn’t really hold anyone back in the special-ed classes, which leads me to doubt the “mentally-handicapped” theory.

  2. krasivaya_devushka

    Awww 🙁

  3. T Rex on a Segway

    I actually knew someone that spelled this way and claimed he was writing a book… I just felt really bad for whoever was supposed to edit it….

    Ramen Catholic sounds amazing…. What do you give up for Lent?

  4. You Got Doddified

    Least he isn’t preaching how much tougher than the rest of the bloody universe he is, although I personally have never seen anyone spell ‘Roman’, or ‘berry’ like he did :’)

  5. You Got Doddified

    Oh shit, fail by mah.

    I meant ‘bury’. Gawd I feel lame now ¬¬

  6. Current city: Arkansas

    Where everyone loves one eachother.

  7. anyone that puts something THEY said as their “favorite quotation” all need to be neutered and spayed. That is, of course, the worst of this dolt’s problems, but it needed to be said.

  8. Favorite Quote: “People should use spell-check before posting anything that might make them look like an idiot. I mean, c’mon, it’s standard on most computers!”-

  9. MasterProp is first in line for neutering.

  10. Actually spay, thank you very much. But yes, I probably have it coming.

  11. This post made my day.

  12. how do you get your name to link to a webpage then?

    is it only people who are members of wordpress or have a blog with wordpress that can do it? could i link to a personal and non-organisational website?

  13. well blow me down with a feather.

    be careful what you wish for!

  14. lamefame, are you from Arkansas?

    I ask, cause there’s a Lafe, AR not far from me.

  15. couldn’t even make it past ramen catholic

  16. Grandpa died of shame. I don’t blame him. A retard grandson with delusions of poetry? I don’t know, maybe he’ll be the next Wesley Willis.

    “Life is bigger than life.” Maybe kid, but Jason London is still hotter than Jeremy London.



  18. @BritishHobo -Sarcastic? Yes, yes most assuredly. Mean? No BH, never that. 😉 And for perspective, a wise woman once said “Tact is for those too stupid to use sarcasm”.

    @MasterProp -“The kid *may* have a learning disability…” (Shortened to prevent pointless repetition.)

    Though, from my recollection, they didn’t really hold anyone back in the special-ed classes, which leads me to doubt the “mentally-handicapped” theory.

    -Your led to doubt this kid has a learning disability? Wow, well either he does or you do. 😀 And yes, they mutually exclusive. For starters, yes they do hold children in special ed. back if they are not making sufficient overall progress throughout the course of the year. They also hold children in special ed. back in many other circumstances, such as a dyslexic child who is failing math. It is obvious he has a l.d. because of the vastly gaping gorge between his mastery of grammar and spelling. The reason for this being that the rules of grammar are minutely smaller in number than the amount of words he must learn and remember to spell correctly. Therefore it will take him much longer to become proficient at spelling. None of this is neither here nor there in the grand scheme of things though as even if he never got a lick better at spelling than he was when he wrote his bio., he would still have 95% of the population beat at being truly awesome. His character shines through every misspelled word.

  19. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @ Nonnieyrissa – I could point out all the mistakes in your (tediously long) post but it’s fine – your character still shines through.

  20. He failed ninth grade? NO WAY! He should have failed second…

  21. @69 -Please do. 🙂 And thank you, I know it does!

  22. friend request denied.

    The south should have been allowed to secede.

  23. Spelling aside I’m bothered more by the fact he thinks you need to be 21 to vote.

  24. Well at least that will keep him out of the voting booths a few years longer.

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