Wednesday, July 22, 2009

That sly pigpocketer.


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  1. Charles Cavalier

    If it was in front of her eyes, why didn’t she try to stop it? Also, was this ( his getaway vehicle?

  2. Darn those pesky pigs!

  3. With a name like Jaysh, one can assume their parents weren’t very good at teaching correct spelling or pronunciation.

  4. damn sneaky pigpocketer!!!

  5. what an idiot

  6. Don’t laugh, y’all. How would you like it if Babe snatched your wallet and replaced it with a slab of bacon?

  7. I would like that very much, Evan. It would save me a trip to the grocery store.

  8. bacon is amazing

  9. Evan, your comment back fired on you, bacon rules, if my wallet was stolen and there was bacon to replace it, I think whoever stole my wallet got the wrong end of the deal

  10. i hope the pigpocketer gave her swine flu.

  11. Personally I would think that was a bit creepy. Babe giving you bacon would be like Jeffrey Dahmer serving dinner.

  12. My bad, everyone.

    Bacon > everything.

    What about replacing your wallet with a jar of baconnaise then?

  13. hahahah first one in the search box.

  14. it would be funny if this was sent from a cellphone…

  15. I agree with Charles^

  16. She should go and see if she can pig it up from the police station.

  17. hahahahahaha!

  18. What-am-I-doing-here?

    Wow, shifty pig, maybe it was a flying one too.

  19. They made a cartoon for me, will they make one for the Pig Pocketer? And how about the Cody the Emo Jew?

  20. Hah, oink oink.

  21. Huh…it must be one of those opposable-hooved pigs.

  22. It would have been funnier if she’d posted this through mobile facebook.

  23. well the pig has to bring home the bacon somehow

  24. pigpocketed! man alive.

  25. @Milton Waddams

    your comment was what made me laugh at this. 😀

  26. Mmmmmmmm, bacon.

  27. Stolen by the cops?

  28. So she just stood there and let someone to steal her phone in front of her very eyes? Is she even allowed to bitch about that later? It makes her look really lame.

  29. Ridiculous spelling of ‘pick-pocketed’ aside, what amuses me is that instead of trying to hunt his/her phone down, Jaysh elected to go home and update his/her status.

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