Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thaim for Puns!

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  1. No, Kevin, you and your stupid friends FTL.

  2. Sorry for the extra comma. Darn auto-correct.

  3. This is fucking reTHAIrded.

    Seriously, a whole slew of bad puns is “funny”?


  5. Lamebook here is why I hate you. 1) This shit fucking sucks. 2) You want me to give my hard earned money so that you can fight Facebook but you still open up new shittier websites like Winning at everything. How about you fuck off and pay your own bills you buch of pussies.

  6. But I think their money is thaight right now.

  7. No I just think they are thaiing it up in the wrong places.

    /Shoots self in the head

  8. Steeeever clearly made the only funny one here. /closed

  9. For the love of god, Lamebook, please stop posting these kinds of things.

  10. Dawn of the Dan

    Something about Thaiger Woods.

  11. No, I think you mean Thainya Roberts from Thait ’70s Show. Oh, you silly goose, you.

  12. MsBuzzkillington

    Guilty as changed.

  13. I feel like I’veseen this post before…which one was it? Oh yeah, EVERY post.

  14. Comments are funnier than post

  15. Ms Buzzkillington, this has been bothering me. Do you post on any other website and use “Buzzkillington” in the name at all? Just curious.

    Also this post blows.

  16. @6 + 11 FTW feerreeaallzz

  17. Getting sick and Thai-erd of these shitty puns. Sorry.

  18. Shitty puns are for Rethairds.

  19. ^^^ says the person with possibly the worst pun of all of them

  20. Ooo Ooo let my try…..

    You and your comically challenged, jovially junk compadres are a complete set of Cthaints…. nope, it appears I’m shit at this, sorry.

    The only way this could ever be funny was if Kevin had actually died.

  21. @Imamofo, does that mean that mine is still worst pun of them all? Anyway I realize my mistake now, I should have written :

    “Shitty puns are for the developmenthailly disabled”

  22. poobag it certhainly does.

  23. My mother would have been so proud of me!

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